Knockout city

Endless Dungeon: Hero Reveal

There is a new sheriff in the city! And by “city” we mean a threatening, abandoned space station, and by “sheriff” we mean a robot armor that is obsessed with order, justice and (of all things) courtesy.

Right, guys, it’s time to meet bunkers! She is the second heroine who is treated as a star in the Hero Reveal series.

In Endless Dungeon, the upcoming Tactical Roguelite action game, you fight to escape a mysterious station by compiling a group of elite heroes-and bunker is a great first choice.

So who is the happy lady? Bunker’s story goes far back because it was conceived and constructed as part of an autonomous police unit to track down criminal and illegal forms of life. Although Bunker is relentless, civil and polite, she does not tolerate the lawbreaker nor corruption or rudeness.

For Bunker, the famous first law for the behavior of robots was rewritten: “During your work, you must not damage organizational property or allow organizational property to be harmed.” However, nobody on the station seems to have an idea of whom, and so bunker feels free to just get started.


Just like the other heroes, Bunker has three skills. And as the name suggests, they are pretty tanky.

Endless Dungeon Bunker Hero Reveal Trailer

  • Triggering (Passive Skill) – increases the attack damage the more often it is hit within a short time.
  • Back-off (special skill)-uses your sign to create a shock wave that throws down, stuns and damaged the monster.
  • Hunker (ultimate skill) – creates an energy dome that attracts monsters and protects them for a few seconds from attacking.

Voting on Bunkers history

However, there are some aspects of Bunker’s background that are not yet defined, and the developers call you to help with the selection! Take a look at the bunker vote on the community page Games2gether.

Exclusive Skin

You can also visit Bunkers hero side on the official Endless Dungeon website and register to get a exclusive skin that is available on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.