VRR tested on PlayStation 5

A few days ago, the happy owners of the PlayStation 5 console received the long -awaited VRR support and, of course, videos showing the work of Variable Refresh Rate began to appear on the network. So, for example, Utubert Elanalistadebits posted on his channel a video with VRR tests in some video games, which, after updating the PS5 software, received the appropriate patches.

Exclusive Spider-Man Remastered in “Productivity with Rays” (dynamic 1440p) reaches 96 frames per second. In “Quality” (4K) mode, it rises from blocked 30 FPS to 50-59 FPS.

Another Exclusive Spider-Man: Miles Morales was able to show the result of 70 FPS in “performance” (dynamic 4K) or in “productivity with rays” (dynamic 1440p)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart showed 110 FPS in “Productivity with Rays”, 50-60 FPS in “Quality” mode.

The hit from the Capcom Resident Evil Village for some reason even after the patch is limited to 60 frames per second, but there are almost no hangs and input delays with VRR in the game.

VRR technology can also work with those games that have not yet received appropriate patches and updates, but there are no excluding the presence of any graphic bugs and artifacts.