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Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes exciting, the series that the big streaming providers send into the race in May 2022 are presented. The offer is similar for film fans, even if there are fewer in -house productions: superhero fans can be on Shazam (May 15, 2022, Amazon Prime) and Wonder Woman 84 (May 27, 2022, Amazon Prime)* * be happy. The Ice Road (May 6, 2022, Amazon Prime) is an action film with Liam Neeson, Saw: Spiral (May 20, 2022, Sky) , continues the horror series. Chip and Chap, Knight of the Right (May 20, 2022, Disney+) ** is a continuation of the iconic cartoon series from the 90s. In terms of series technology, we are looking forward to the following titles!

The Pentaverate (May 5, 2022, Netflix) ****

For years it had become the actor and comedian Mike Meyers, now he appears in five roles. Meyers plays the five members of the Pentaverate, a secret covenant that directs the world skills. At least until a Canadian reporter comes to the scene and sweats the secret covenant.

Love, Death and Robots, Season 3 (May 20, 2022, Netflix) ****

The 3rd season of Love, Death and Robots shows that the apocalypse can also be nice. Source: Netflix every story a new world: With its sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes action -packed episodes, Love Death and Robots not only took the hearts of fans for themselves, but also with the Emmys – the serial equivalent to the Oscars – Casserated. Season 3 should also show again what is possible with fantasy, horror and science fiction. Among other things, a funny apocalypse is to be shown and what happens when an ancient evil power awakens.

Night Sky (May 20, 2022, Amazon Prime) ****

J.K. Most people know Simmons as James Jonah Jameson from various Spider-Man films. In the new series Night Sky, he plays a retailer alongside Sissy Spacek who makes an incredible discovery in his garden: an buried chamber that leads him and his wife on an abandoned planet. For years, the two manage to hide their discovery until a mysterious young man steps into their lives. He seems to know more about the chamber and about the planet to which it leads.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (May 27, 2022, Disney+)

The best Jedi knight from all gets his own series – finally, as many fans mean. Obi-Wan Kenobi begins ten years after the end of the old republic and the Jedi Order. As promised, Obi-Wan wakes up as lonely Obi-Wan Kenobi on tattoo. Source: Disney / Lucasfilm traumatized hermit over the young Luke Skywalker. But then a call for help reaches the perhaps last Jedi knight, who leads him away from tattoo and places directly against the Inquisitors of the Emperor. How does Obi-Wan manage to keep his existence and that of Luke and Lea secret?

Stranger Things, season 4, part 1 (May 27, 2022, Netflix)

What To Watch Next If You Love Stranger Things | Netflix

The fans have been waiting for a long time, now the continuation of Stranger Things is finally starting. At least part of it, because Netflix has announced that the fourth season of the cult series can be radiated in two parts. Six months have passed since the third season and the friends clique around Mike and Elfie has been torn apart. But evil does not sleep – just like the high school degree. Again, the young heroes are confronted with the creatures of the upsizedown.

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