Game Cultural Foundation, 2022 guardian game,

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Game Culture Foundation will be conducting ‘2022 guardian gamership education’ (hereinafter referred to as’ Education). The training, which has been in operation since 2011, is a program for adults to raise awareness of the game and to spread the value of the game.

Last year, about 6,200 people participated in education on face -to -face and non -face -to -face nationwide. Psychologists and game developers, professional instructors such as the right understanding of the game and game industry, the MZ generation’s game culture and family communication, prospects and careers for the game industry, and the game of parents, leaders, and elderly people. I helped understand.

This year’s education expands the concept of guardians. 12,000 adults, including parents, leaders, elderly people, university students, soldiers, and game providers. △ Parents (how to use the game time selection system, child guidance education laws and immersion prevention methods, etc.) △ Customized training for game providers (correct game recognition in the industry, new job search in the game industry, etc.).

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In order to provide educational benefits to various targets, the Game Culture Foundation has established a network and a network of ministries and national links (corporations, universities and educational institutions, private cooperatives, organizations, military units, welfare facilities, etc.) and networks. I am receiving applications all the time. You can apply for more than 50 groups, but all education is free.

Application for participation can be made by wired or email, and from June, you can apply on the website. We wait for all those who are interested in game culture, such as guardians who want to enjoy a healthy game culture with their children and suppliers who want to create the right game culture.

Meanwhile, the Game Culture Foundation operates a variety of projects to spread the right game culture, such as ‘Visiting Game Culture Class’, ‘Game Culture Family Camp’, ‘Game and Immersion Healing Center Program’, and ‘Game Time Selection System’. For more information on the business, please visit the Game Culture Foundation website.