Elden Ring-Dataminer awakens 86m huge dragons and kills the game

This dragon is simply too big for the intermediate country. Elden Ring-Dataminer Zullie The Witch has brought the gigantic dragon lady Greyoll to life. It is 86m tall when it stands upright. This is more than three times as high as the ore dragon from Dark Souls 3, which can only show 25m. As it turns out, this giant forces the whole game into her knees.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers to two NPCs that we can meet in the open game world of Elden Ring.

dragon Killt game

It is about: Dataminer Zullie The Witch has set two oversized beings from the intermediate country in a video that are actually more or less static. Among them: The Dragon lady Greyoll, which we can find on the dragon hill over Caelid.

There, however, she does not fight against us, but only rushes her flaky entourage on our neck with a loud scream. In the meantime she remains – and that for good reason. To name further dimensions: Greyoll’s body length is a proud 182m and her wing span is even 261m.

Elden Ring: Elder Dragon Greyoll
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Dragon boss fight kills the game: If we would fight Greyoll in the game, it would be quite possible that the game will die before us, because these enormous dimensions cause problems. As soon as Zulie Greyoll brings with her attacks to life, bugs appear and the game gets stuck with every movement until it finally crashes.

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giant vessel

In addition, with another XXL NPC, namely the war container, which we also meet in Caelid, where it is in front of a Colosseum that we cannot currently enter and asks us to kill three invaders.

With its 34m, according to Zulie, the huge container is twelve times as big as our pot buddy Alexander. Theoretically, it has theoretically the same as the smaller aggressive vessels that attack us in the game, but does not attack – at least if no datamine like Zulie has your fingers in the game.

Zulie brings the giant vessel to attack and that looks pretty cool, but is only a show. The NPC does not produce any hit boxes. So there cannot be a real fight in this way.

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