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Spider-Man: the developer of the episode PS1 motivated by a remake

Released in 2000, the Spider-Man game had marked the owners of the Playstation (but also Nintendo 64, PC and Dreamcast) by his immersion and the feeling that he was held, at the XXth century, the best game of Spider-Man. Since then, the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man and moral miles are there, but it does not prevent some people from being nostalgic from this time. Starting with one of the creators of the game.

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Announced on December 2, 1998, the Spider-Man game was an ambition to plunge players into the most exhilarating adventure of the comics character. Based on the Amazing Spider-Man series, it was designed with the same 3D engine that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. If the frozen scenics of the Nintendo 64 episode cut a little with the kinematics of other media, it did not prevent the title from meeting a very good success, whether in cartridge or CD format. And precisely, Chad Findley, screenwriter and Spidey PS1 designer, would really not be against a remake. On the contrary.

A spider-man remake ps1 conceivable?

Today, the power of the tools and machines is such that we can embark on the design of open worlds without putting the harware kneeling. In the early 2000s, the lemonade was not the same and Chad Findley recognizes that his team was confronted with many challenges. In an interview relayed by Gaming Bible, the interested party explains that the design of the City and different interactive surfaces (on which the hero is clinging) has not been rest. It is finally making that they have managed to create a convincing system and they then made sure to diversify the range of buildings. Today, a remake would be possible, but Chad Findley wants to point out that the approval processes are much more “heavy” today. Nevertheless, if we were asked to work on a remake, he would not hesitate a single second!

From there to what it becomes a reality, it is important to point out that it is only a single person motivated by such remake. The world of video game is filled with nostalgic developers who would like to revive historical licenses. Yu Suzuki has thus waited almost two decades before being able to create Shenmue IIIe that has been more than twenty years that Kenji Hiruta desperately awaits a skies of Arcadia 2. As for Half-Life 3…

In short, hope to reality, there is often a world.


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It does not really make sense with the last episodes out. If they review the graphics and relax the gameplay it would make us a 2018 bis spider-man with a different story

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