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Star Wars: The power of force, said. The Switch Games of the Week

After a start of the year 2022 loaded in large outings, the coming months are climate in the world of video game. However, the switch continues to host new titles on eShop and the writing of JV offers you a small selection of those who might interest you.


Star Wars: The power of force

Star Wars: The power of the force is an action-adventure game that takes place in the universe created by George Lucas in 1977 since there is Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Dark Vador he hides to the Emperor. Throughout the adventure, the black lord of the Sith will send his disciple to the four corners of the galaxy to accomplish different missions. Thanks to the great affinity with the strength of our hero, a wide range of powers is at his disposal to overcome his enemies. If this switch switch is a porting of the game originally released in 2008, it is necessary to know that the franchise has been redeemed by Star Wars in the meantime and that this narrative is no longer considered canon today. There is no less a friendly experience in this distant galaxy, very distant, which is entitled to several epic moments. Small precision, it is a portage of the Wii version, which means that this declination has the duel mode that allows to face a local multiplayer friend by choosing from the 27 characters available.

  • Release date: April 20
  • Buy Star Wars: The power of the force on the eshop of the switch


Wild West Crops is a small Metroidvania in Pixel Art that tells El Gatito’s story, a cat that faces mutant plants to save Meowtown. Indeed, during a peaceful night, a radioactive giant meteor fell on the plantations of the city, which has transformed crops into unleashed mutants who want to destroy everything around them. In the skin of this Cowboy Matou, you will be brought to travel through many places of the Far West period in order to find powerful objects capable of overcoming your opponents including bumps that full. With his colorful graphics in an 8-bit style and his happy Western type music, the small title of Ratalaika Games breathes the good mood.

  • Release date: April 20
  • Buy Wild West Crosses on the Eshop of the Switch


In a style in Pixel art particularly neat, Anchard is an action-adventure game with puzzles in which one embodies the bell holder of Audros on which all the hopes of his people rest. Previously, Anchard was an island in the heavens protected by the blessing of the five guards. But one day, they left without explanations, leaving this heavenly paradise collapse. While the few survivors settled in Orchard, all awaited the elected representative to revive their homeland. The whole experience is to explore the dungeon, the remains of Anuchard who are now infested by monsters, to confront the guards who have abandoned you. To make progress, you can count on the bell that allows you to fight your enemies as well to solve puzzles. Every part of the hand-made dungeon has its own play mechanics that need to be apprehended to move forward.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Anchard on the eshop of the Switch


Always edited by Milestone, Mogogp returns with its simply annual episode titled Mogogp 2022. On the program, it will obviously be possible to explore the content of the season 2022 in the MotoGP classes but also in all other categories. On the activities activities, expect to play on about twenty official circuits with more than 120 drivers, including 70 cult champions to plunge into the past and find the best moments in the MotoGP story. This year, the Nine Season 2009 mode allows you to relive the Grand Prix of the 2009 season in 17 chapters accompanied by 50 minutes of videos. Finally, the MotoGP Academy will also be there to teach you to play, while the career of Manager will allow you to create your stable.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Mogogp 2022 on the eshop of the switch


Taking place in a metro, Revita is a game of shooting and action with elements of rogue-lite that plunges us into the skin of an unnamed child who wakes up without any memory, with the exception of an idea : It must reach the top of the belfry for answers. But to achieve this, it will have to browse a melancholy world inhabited by masked characters that will help you as well as by aggressive monsters. In this infested metro line, each room is randomly generated. To defend yourself, our little hero can do duplicates, slide on the walls and recover various bonuses and objects to improve his arsenal at the start only a simple laser gun. Quickly, the game offers you to sacrifice some of your life to get more power, which will make you more fragile in return. Finally, the experience is particularly customizable with options to slow down the time, choose a contour color to bring out the enemies or set the degree of aim at the sight.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Revita on the eshop of the Switch

Rotund Zero

With its monochromatic levels, Rotund Zero is a platform game in which the player embodies a rabbit that recalls the time of the Game Boy by his graphics. Thought above all to be accessible to the greatest number, the title offers five-minute races that are renewed each time. It’s up to you to try to go as far as possible before the countdown falls to zero. If you go out well, you can even collect medals in the counter-la-dead mode. In options, you can also change the color of the levels if you get tired from the green if characteristic of the games of the first boy boy.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Rotund Zero on the eshop of the Switch


If management games are not legions on Switch, some small productions are still attempting their luck on the Nintendo Hybrid console, like Burger Bistro Story. As the name suggests, the title of Kairosoft offers you to create your own bistro as well as your recipes to satisfy your customers. To attract a new audience, you to get out of the beaten track and try culinary experiences to cook original burgers. But that’s not all, since it is also necessary to take into account the accompaniments, the drinks as well as the desserts that will allow your restaurant to have a unique identity. But beyond dishes, you must also take care of your employees to work in good conditions, but also train them to improve their skills. If your case is going well, you can then open other branches, but be careful not to be overwhelmed by the management of several restaurants at the same time. Finally, note that the entire game offers a pixel cute pixel rendering that confers a good child atmosphere.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Burger Bistro Story on the eshop of the Switch


In a colorful but dark style, Lila’s Sky Ark takes you into an adventure alongside Lila and his friends, Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Monsieur. While everything was well on the arch-in-sky, the conduct of orchestra and its generals have undertaken a good morning to invade this peaceful land to remove the magic and music that are locked there. To repel these invaders, Lila will have to convince the spirits of the island to ally while trying to use alchemy to make powerful weapons. Throughout these adventures, the player is led to cope with enraged animals, hordes of pink soldiers, but also to brutal bosses that offer a statement. In total, the title is composed of four areas filled with encounters, challenges and puzzles to allow you to discover eccentric characters, but also a story that deals with sadness and loneliness. Finally, for the most curious, it should be noted that Lila’s Sky Ark is a preliminary resolutiion, an action-adventure game released in 2020.

  • Release date: April 21
  • Buy Lila’s Sky Ark on the eshop of the switch

Ganryu 2 – Hakuma Kojiro

While the first episode came out in 1999 on Neogeo, Ganryu is entitled to a suite, more than twenty years later, with Ganryu 2 – Hakuma Kojiro. Once again, the story takes place in a fantastic feudal Japan strongly inspired by the series of books around the historic character of Miyamoto Musashi. After defeating Kojiro, our hero decides to retire but suddenly haunt by the spirit of his former opponent, which leads him to have to return to the lands where he defeated him for the first time. We find once again an action-platform game in 2D with graphics in neat art pixel that makes us cross this fantasy Japan from the seventeenth century. The gameplay is particularly nervous with a dash, a Wall-Jump, a double jump, but also the possibility of throwing kunais. An adventure that has everything to remember good nostalgic memories of this kind of typical games of the 90s.

  • Release date: April 22
  • Buy Ganryu 2 – Hakuma Kojiro on the eshop of the Switch

Neptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars

Crossover between the series Hyperdimension Neptunia and Senran Kagura, Neptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars is an action-playing game that brings together ten heroines of these franchises to decide hordes of enemies and use their art skills Ninja. Beyond its action phases, the title also includes mini-games like peaches & cream meditation that allows players to test their balance or Yomi workout that offers to measure its power. In total, eight different events are part of it. As for history, we find ourselves in full conflict between the daimyos that compete for the power struggle. Finally, the tensions between two of these great nations ended up being exacerbated, each with its own martial arts school, the style compa for one, the Honeypa style for the other. But in the heart of the war, a mysterious army of mechanical Ninjas goes on attack, rebutting the map. After invading several small nations, the leader of the Legion Steem, Yoh Gamer, announces that the Ninja Super War is just beginning.

  • Release date: April 22
  • Buy Neptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars on the eshop of the Switch


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