NBA: Kyrie meets and meets! Irving and Kevin Durant lead Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs of the Eastern Conference

Thanks to a superior Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers with 115: 108. The team of Steve Nash is thus moving as a seventh seed into the playoffs of the Eastern Conference.

Brooklyn Nets (7) – Cleveland Cavaliers (8) 115: 108 (Boxscore)

There, in the first round, the Nets meet the Boston Celtics, which have completed the Regular Season in two place two in the east. The first game of this series will take place on Sunday. The Cavaliers get in the game around 8th on Friday a second chance to qualify for the playoffs.

Irving sank his first twelve throws from the field, which would be a new playoff record if the play-in would count. Only in the fourth neighborhood did the Guard put his first litter on the ring. Irving finished the game with 34 points and 12 assists, for which he needed only 15 throws. Kevin Durant also presented himself very efficiently at 9/16 FG with 25 points, also prepared 11 hits directly and gloss defensively with its length against the large lineup of the CAVs for 2 steals and 3 blocks.

Bruce Brown remained faithful to his strong form curve with 18 points (8/19 FG), 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 Steuer, Andre Drummond (16) especially in interaction with Irving. Among the Stars of Nets only Seth Curry with 0 points (0/4 FG) and 0 assists hardly a factor. Nic Claxton Converted from the bench 13 points (6/6 FG) as well as 9 rebounds and 5 blocks.

On the opposite side Darius garland showed that the stage of the PostSeason is not too big for him. The first-time all star stopped at 34 points at 13/24 FG and 5 assists, Evan Mobley met 9/13 for 19 meters. Kevin Love added with 14 (3/4 threesome) and 13 rebounds from the bench.

After a superior first quarter of the Nets, the CAVs had their best chance of catching up in the second section, but did not get their offspring properly. That did not change after the break no longer completely, which could not keep Cleveland with the shotmaking of the Nets superstars.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving lead Nets win vs. Cavs, to face Celtics in first round | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Play-in: Cavs can not stop Kyrie Irving

Irving lose well by scoring the first points of the Nets himself and preparing the next two hits. The first exclamation mark in the game came after almost five minutes, when Durant first nailed a layup trial of Lauri Markkanen to the board, the ball back the ball in FastBreak and dropped to a free Drummond under the basket for a crashing Dunk plus foul. Also at the end of the quarter, the Nets turned up again and achieved the last ten points, completed with a long two of Nic Claxton in the FastBreak shortly before the buzzer, which increased to 40:20.

After the offensive firework of Nets it was a very different game in the second quarter, Brooklyn added only four points in the first seven minutes. Cleveland was offensive, however, hardly success and shortened the residue little. The punished Irving then at most: In the last 46 seconds before the break, he paused the Cavs into three jumpshots, the third a buzzerbeater in the high arch on the outstretched arms of the defender, who brought the domestic fans to romp. After only 17 points in the second district, Brooklyn nevertheless led further with 57:43.

After the break, Kyrie initially shone as a preparatory association with assists to the first three Nets hits before he developed himself from Downtown. On the other side, every point looked much tedious, Cleveland had to work hard. After replacing Irving two minutes before the end of the third quarter, the CAVs still put a 7-0 run to shorten the residue in front of the final portion to -12.

There Cleveland continued to shorten with another 7-0 run to -7, but did not come in direct stroke distance. The grace shock seemed to come almost three and a half minutes before the end, when Durant welded two jumper in succession through the Reuse to make the lead again twice. The Nets stayed sovereign in the final phase from the free-wurf line to bring the victory into dry towels.

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