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In Nintendo they did not know what it was to be a hunters until the arrival of Metroid Prime

Metroid is one of the most important sagas in the history of Nintendo; In fact, the adventures of Samus Aran were pioneers in the genre of the metroidvania, which is finished establishing over time. Now, we get a curious story related to the conception of him and the idea they had of the character in the great N.

We have seen this curiosity in the videos of Did You Know Gaming? Through NintendoLife, where they counted how the original premium was conceived by Retro Studios, which was a jump for the saga by jumping to the three-dimensional and the first person.

It has always been named Samus as a special hunter, in a way very similar to that of Jango Fett in the story of Star Wars. Come on, characters that initially, meet missions moved by money. In fact, Nintendo thus promoted the first adventures but, and this is where the fun anecdote comes, in the Japanese company they had a different idea of their heroine.

Metroid Prime Devs Share Secrets (EXCLUSIVE)
This is what Bryan Walker counts, Senior producer of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, who spoke in the aforementioned medium on the intention of the Saga “Prime” with Nintendo. But when hearing the term hunter, it seems that ideas collided considerably.

“_Kiyo, who was one of the translators, summed it very well in the assumption that our Japanese partners had Samus: that she was not doing it for money, was being very altruistic, and I think she launched the term” maternal “. She He cared about people, what he was doing was literally out of the kindness of his heart, because he cared deeply by humanity. That he was so far from Boba Fett as you can arrive. He would never have equated Samus with the definition of an influence Altruistic maternal, since she had the title of ‘hunters’… we were looking at Kiyo as she described this, as we are on the same planet? _ “, says Walker.

In this way, they realized that in Nintendo they did not know what it was to be a “hunters” even though they had been using that term since 1986 . The firm thought about Samus as “an adventurousness of space with a golden heart”. Of course, it sounds much more romantic than being hunted.

Remember that Metroid Dread is the last installment of the Saga and is developed by the Spanish Mercury Steam study.