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FFXIV: How to unlock the Myth of the Realm Alliance Raid

Allianz Raids were a large part of it Final Fantasy XIV but have become quite old baked, as there were no new alliance raids more for some time. With Patch 6.1, however, Final Fantasy XIV has added a new alliance RAID, which certainly leads the story into an interesting direction. The new Alliance Raid players against the gods who worship them. Before you can take it with you, you must first unlock the Alliance RAID. Once you have logged in, you can not access it. Let’s look at how to get access to the new Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy XIV.

So unlock Myth of the Realm Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy XIV

To get access to Myth of the Realm, you have to move a bit through the new MSQ. After passing the first dungeon of the new MSQ, you have to complete a few quests and then you should be able to find a new blue side quest in Old Sharlayan. The quest that you are looking for is called “a mission in Mor Dhona”. At this quest and the following you will meet again with G’Raha Tia.

With old and new allies in tow, you wondered in the realm of the gods. These gods are the same from which they had to choose when they created their character. Unfortunately, your choice does not matter if you master the new Alliance RAID. Everything that matters is that you have to get your way through three of the gods of the kingdom, and that will not be an easy task. At least until the community has made all the mechanics into a science.

If you want Raid-compatible equipment, you will get some when you run the new Alliance RAID. You can add this to your list of weekly tasks to get better equipment because you can get only one equipment per character and week. If you need more help with Final Fantasy XIV, you should definitely read our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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