Does Moon Knight come to Fortnite? Everything we know so far

Moon Knight is currently launching his first season weekly in Disney +. The series directed by Oscar Isaac follows Marc Spector / Steven Grant, a man with dissociative identity disorder (TID) while trying to find out if the things he is seeing are real or part of his mental illness. Ready to become part of Marvel’s cinematographic universe in the future and so far has gone well with critics and viewers, people wonder if Moon Knight comes to fortnite as an unlockable look, or one you can buy In the items store.

Moon Knight: Marc Spector Full Timeline Finally Revealed!

When will Moon Knight come to Fortnite?

There are some reasons why Moon Knight could come to Fortnite. First, the popular SHIINABR data mining mentioned on Twitter that Epic Games and Disney “invited some Fortnite content creators to a premiere event for Moon Knight’s next show,” on March 28.

The collaboration of Moon Knight will arrive soon? ????

Epic Games and Disney invited some content creators from Fortnite to a premiere event for the next Moon Knight show!

The same happened with Dune, a collaboration took place soon after.. ????

(Thanks to @notpaaloleaks for making me conscious of this!) Pic.twitter.com/iiynojsq2u

  • Shiina (@shiinab) March 28, 2022

The importance of this is reduced to the fact that the same happened with Dune, who then received a cross-collaboration of fortnite shortly after. As such, many players now believe that a Moon Knight mask could reach Fortnite, especially since the Mask of the Level 100 battle pass from season 2 of Chapter 3 is nothing other than Doctor Strange, another superhero de Marvel.

Nor is it that Moon Knight coming to Fortnite is outside the scope of possibility. We have already seen a full Fortnite season dedicated to the superheroes of Marvel, and several heroes and villains appear as masks, being Doctor Strange this season the most recent.

EPIC still has to make an official ad about whether Moon Knight will come to Fortnite. However, given that the series still has three episodes left after today, the mask can reach the end of the season.

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