Nintendo Switch, sales leader in Europe in a record March 2022

Nintendo Switch and Elden Ring have been the great protagonists of the videogame sector at Europe during lXbox Seriest month of March 2022 . The hybrid console is the best-selling console once again on the old continent, according to data provided by the GSD agency (via gamesindustry), and shows that the hybrid console follows one step ahead of its competitors at the popularity level and availability, Since PS5 and Xbox Series continue with an offer below demand.


Popularity and Availability , both factors. Because the merit of Nintendo Switch Xbox Series the most popular platform in Europe is not determined by the lack of stock of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. We are talking about second best March of the console since its launch in 2017 ; Only behind the month of March 2020. He hXbox Series achieved it in his sixth March in the market. If we compare it with the pXbox Seriest course, the Joy-Console hXbox Series sold 9% more than a year ago in this same period.

For its part, Xbox series X | S continues to show growth symptoms in a territory traditionally dominated by PlayStation. If the reports already reflect that sales between Xbox Series and PS5 are increXbox Seriesingly couples, in Europe these same stimuli are replicated. For its part, PS5 wXbox Series the third best-selling platform in March. Sony and Microsoft machines are “suffering severe stock limitations.” In total, during March 2022, 332,000 consoles were sold in Europe (not counting Germany or the United Kingdom); 39% less than a year ago.

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Elden Ring, Claro Dominator in Video Game Sales in Europe

The effect Elden Ring , with more than 12 million units sold around the world, moved to European stores. The title of fromSoftware and Bandai Namco wXbox Series the most successful title in the United Kingdom and Germany, while Gran Turismo 7 wXbox Series the most popular option in Spain, France and Italy (adding both PS5 and PS4). Kirby and the forgotten land wXbox Series the best-selling video game in Spain for a single bXbox Seriesis during the month of March, Xbox Series AEVI already reported; Now we know that your physical sales – not pointing no digital figures) have been 231% higher in Europe than those of the previous delivery, Kirby Star Allies (2018, Nintendo Switch).