April Expectable Gods Top M M, Battle System Buds changed?

Last November, there was a gameist who was a gorgeous ‘JaSta’, which has been offline for a long time. Mobile RPG ‘God’s Top M: The Great Journey (the Top M) of the Great Journey (the Top M) of the Great Journey (the Top M) of the Great Journey (the Top M) of the Wedders’, At that time, ‘Top M’, which shows the experienced trials that faithfully carry on the original work in JaStar, is ahead of the 20th on the 20th of the long waiting.

Mobile RPG ‘New Top M’, which is the popularity webtoon of the same name recorded 4.5 billion views, has been attracting attention from the launch of 1 million in a week. How did you solve the most common of the most of the original works that are serious for 10 years and the content that reflects the world view, ‘The Top M’ of the M & W of the Gel Games Park Ji-hoon, who is in charge of the PD, heard the message I wanted to convey to the new Top M production story and gamers of the prison.

Nice to meet you. Thank you for your introduction to those who do not know the representation of Park Ji-hoon.

Park Ji Hoon (Park): Hello. Park Ji-hoon, who is in charge of the leading director and development director of Angel Games. He was responsible for the ‘Road of Dyse’ and ‘Hero Canta’, and this ‘God’s Top M: The Great Journey’ is also responsible for the General PD.

I wonder why Angel Games has chosen the tower of the new webtun IP.

Park: The project I wanted to be in Angel Games was a new Tower IP-based project. The best webtoon I liked at the time, However, it was difficult for the webtoon-based IP game to make a webtoon-based IP game in earnest,

For such a reason, the game that was able to come to the world through the modification was ‘Road of Dyse’, and afterwards, should I have been able to build and service a webtun-based IP game in earnest through ‘Heroic Tarett’. Above all, I have been able to challenge the Tower IP-based original game, to reward to the domestic and foreign fans who have sent me a much bigger love than Angel Games’s expectations.

If so, ‘God’s Top M’ is a second Webtoon IP utilization game, and I wonder if there is a neuronal part than the previous work.

Park: ‘Heroican Taré’ was the first IP game, so this is a lot of greed, and it was a multi-based game using several IPs. So ‘God’s Top M’ was a great feeling that I want to fill the sorry.

In the case of the webtoon ‘God’s Top’, there was a work that has been serial for 10 years. Above all, you can get a 2D character that allows you to deliver the emotions of WebToons to an angel game, while you are a 3D background and a 3D large boss monster, while growing a scale of adventure with a 3D large boss monster, while multi-content that can be played with several colleagues (updated after launch ) I wrote a separate nerves.

The original “The Tower of God” knows that there are many characters as a huge world view. Park Ji-hoon seems to have a character who is particularly afflicted.

Park: There is a lot of affection in the main character ‘Twenty fifth night (night)’ (laugh). Among them, it seems to be the ‘night’ in Jemibiolet Grace. The ‘night’ in that time was better in the dark, hard time, and I went to the front, and even in the meantime, I have to sympathize with the best of that time to keep my best to keep my colleagues. It is always a character that you always want to cheer up.

I have heard that I have been improving the game while I posted the launch schedule, which will reflect the user feedback after the disclosure of the first “Top of M” in the first “Gesta 2021”. What parts have improved?

Park: As long as the Global users were loved by Global users, ‘God’s Top M’ was a lot of greed from the beginning. At the same time, there was a part of the “Load of Dyse” and the “Heroic Tarett” in the “Heroan Tare”. More users have chosen a popular combat system to enable more users to enjoy the “Top M”.

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However, through Gusta, users were looking forward to the “Top M” of ‘God’s Top M’ and some other results, and actively reflect the feedback of users, and improved the game. For example, the battle that was like a transverse scroll action game was automatically changed into a real-time battle with a strategic mechanism, and has been steadily improved without compromising the quality of the entire battle to further attract 2D combat. In addition, the amount of content that the release of the release is reduced and the amount of content that the release of the entire content has been reduced to raise the quality of the content.

What is the most important point in ‘Top of God’?

Park: Webtoon fans, as well as those who do not know the original, are also prepared multiple content, such as web tune animation to feel the impression of the story. In addition, we have been able to enjoy the collection and growth of the character that were uniform in the collection type RPG and enjoy a variety of content, and have provided several devices for conservation of the goods for the value of the user when cultivating the character.

Through this, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure to grow steadily and grow with ‘night’. Finally, I would like to emphasize the pleasure of the same as anyway. Multi-type boss content (World Boss, Guild Boss, etc.) preparing for updates (including World Boss, Guild Boss, etc.) will be able to feel the joy of challenging and fulfilling new adventures with friends, acquaintances and guild members.

Park Ji-hoon is wondering what it is to be considered to be the most priority to develop and operate the game.

Park: In the end, the next thing that gamers love and enjoy our games are what the next fun is expected. When a gamer’s mind is worrying fiercely, it is because when it is troubled and passed with a true heart, it believes that the “Angel Games” table game will be precious to the gamers of gamers, not just a game.

Finally, I would like to ask you a word for users who expect the Top M: Great Journey “which will be released on April 20th.

Park: ‘God’s Top M: The Great Journey’ is still a journey of the night in the webtoon, like the night’s journey, which has won a lot of goal and has been able to deliver the fun of adventure to the top summit. Enjoy fun and tell me a lot of good comments. I will do our best to engrave a great journey of the game with the great journey of the game. thank you.