Xbox Game Pass Rumor: Fans must set themselves on drastic change

According to a rumor, Microsoft plans to transform the successful subscription services Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. With the restructuring, many of you would unfortunately have to be made on an unpleasant change.

Competitor Sony tries to bring with the restructuring of PS plus with the success model of the Xbox Game Passes. Microsoft could now also think about changing its own subscription service. Journalist Brad Sam’s explained in a YouTube video that Xbox Live Gold soon fused with the Game Pass – and gamer can therefore expect a price increase.

Xbox Game Pass could be more expensive

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In his YouTube video SAMS depicts which changes to the Game Pass will probably come to the next few months. After the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft Microsoft could interfere according to SAM’s services Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass and thus offer quasi only a subscription : Game Pass Ultimate, for around 15 US dollars a month.

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Thus, Gamer would no longer have the opportunity to subscribe only Xbox Live Gold for the online functions – and also the basic version of the Game Pass would be omitted . For subscribers who have not yet grabbed Game Pass Ultimate, so this would certainly mean a price increase. But the Game Pass Ultimate could be quite more expensive after the Activision deal to become more profitable for Xbox. Sams.

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The price may be higher now. Price from 11.04.2022 09:38 clock

How does Microsoft react to the new PS Plus?

So while Sony offers with the new PS plus three different subscription levels at different prices, Microsoft could make the opposite step with the Game Pass and only offer a subscription. Currently is not clear if and when this step could be completed. However, the rumor is quite sense: Xbox has been positioned the Game Pass for a long time as the heart of the own gaming universe and especially Xbox Live Gold is basically only one relic from ancient times.

Also the assumption that the Game-Pass Ultimate membership can be more expensive should not be surprised too much – finally, Microsoft plans to invest with the Activision Deal just under $ 70 billion in its gaming portfolio.

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