Boranetwalk, Bora 2.0 White Paper and Brand Site Disclosure

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROPERSS (BORA) announced that Bora Network (Representative Song) has released a white paper and brand site of Bora (BORA) 2.0.

In February Bora 2.0, Bora Network, which announced the blueprints of Bora 2.0 Renewal through Partners Day, introduced the concrete content of Bora 2.0 governance counters, Toknomics, and community channels through the open white paper and brand site.

The governance counsel (GC) of BORA 2.0 operates the BORA 2.0 individual nodes and activates activities actively participating in decisions for the benefits of the BORA ecosystem.

Governance Caucase ▲ Sandbox Network ▲ Cacao Entertainment ▲ Legendary ▲ Kakao VX ▲ Lion Heart Studio ▲ Cacao Games ▲ WMATE ▲ XLAGES ▲ Neobori ▲ Mobic ▲ Neptune ▲ Meta Bori ▲ Haifame ▲ Cross wrap ▲ Crust universe ▲ Cacao Enterprise and about 20 companies have made a name.

The invitation assignment is appointed by methavora, and governance counters are divided into four commitment of tokens, content, tech, and marketing according to business areas.

BORA Tokenomics 2.0 was also released. Various subjects of service tokens and NFT issuance, reinforcing distribution environment, seamless liquidity supply management and aggressive investment for securing sustainability of token economy in the ecosystem, and growth development.

Inflation was decided at the GC General Assembly on April 8 by introducing competitive levels and decreasing competitive levels and a decreasing form of each year. The community will be operated on the center of Medium, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Lim Young-joon Boranatwalk The Best Business Officer (CBO) plans to create a healthy environment that can grow simultaneously with a governance counselor, so that the Viral Platform (CBO) is a good quality content and NFT projects for users, I said.

On the other hand, the Boronetwalk conducts an airdrop event for community activation, and proceeds a variety of events on a social reference basis through a lottery of BORA social channel followers.