The art of Kingdom Hearts by its 20th anniversary encloses an enigma that is craving to the fans

Today is a very wedding for the Kingdom Hearts fans, the saga of Square Enix , routed by Tetsuya Nomura It transforms 20 and the business that saw the Franchise business was born, has been preparing a collection of Occasions and statements to celebrate these twenty years with things as curious as some tamagotchis based upon video games.

As you will visualize, this odd make-up of The illustration has unleashed the creative imagination of the followers , who await a promotion that exposes what is hidden under that box. Although we would certainly enjoy to fulfill Sora with 4 fingers increased because space, we will have to wait to know the most important novelties of the wedding anniversary event to leave question. Meanwhile, bear in mind that in 3DGEGOS you have available our Kingdom Hearts III analysis.


Meanwhile, the supervisor of the legend excused not being able to reveal information to the wedding anniversary occasion, and shared the development of a new celebratory illustration of the legend. In concept, this art only seemed a great tribute that the Maker was doing, when sharing it already completed has made all the alarm systems jump.

As you can see, under the structure of the characters in the saga, we have 4 rectangles , in three of them we can see Sora, lead character of the franchise business, directing the one, the two and also three with the fingers of the Hand, one in each box. The space only includes the 20th anniversary logo design of Kingdom Hearts on a black background enhanced with classic reasons of the series.