Com2us Pro Baseball V22, Beloved App Market Sports Popular Chart # 1

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) Real baseball game new ‘Com2us Pro Baseball V22’ (Company V22) has been released to the top of the two app market sports since its release, and demonstrated the great interest of baseball and game fans.

On the last 5 days, the COMPUTY V22 has been on the first place of the Apple App Store game from the fourth, which started the dictionary download, and the Google Play Store also records its early high achievements, including the first place in the popular game.

The Computia V22 is a real baseball game that aims to achieve a casual game in an outstanding graphic-based overwhelming lively and achieved real baseball game, with a high real baseball game, and a high real-time and unfortunate physical engine, It is analyzed as being.

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In addition, the unique development system of live cards that reflects the actual KBO League records also attracted attention. Increasing the overall ability to enhance the ‘training’, ‘specialty’, which enhances a specific field such as irradiation and auxiliary, such as irrigation and doru, you can foster a player card in a variety of ways.

In addition, differentiated elements prepared to change content consumption trends such as a vertical UI (user interface), a highlight mode, which plays only on a decisive game, is also a positive evaluation.

Com2us predicts items such as a 3,000 stars and ten stars and ten cardboxes to all users from April 20, commemorating the achievement of the first in the two market. In addition, there are many events that can be easily involved with game access and play al1. More information on games and events can be found in the Computia V22 official community.