I am looking for talent with a baseball game that was not in the Com2us world.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) is a large-scale recruitment of the best manpower that will lead the baseball game lineup, including the ‘Com2us Pro Baseball (Company)’ series.

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The company selects new and career, which will be added to the new ‘compilation V22’ and ‘Computa 2022’, ‘MLB9 Innings 22’. The recruitment division is ▲ game planning ▲ game art ▲ game programming (client, server), and business PM is applicable. Anyone who is a talented person with a basic literature on a baseball game and a basic literature for jobs is possible.

Documents are accepted through the recruitment homepage by April 17th. Applicants can quickly and conveniently support the portfolio registration of free forms that can show simplified personalities and their work capabilities.

From document review, the final successful person will be selected through the primary and secondary image interview process, and the programmer staff will be subject to a handwriting test for the compatibility of the documents. Com2us uses one-to-one consultation with the person in charge during the recruitment period.

In addition, this baseball project employs an exemplary recommendation system only for recruitment. Even if you are not a Com2us employees, anyone can recommend talented talent to your duties through your outdoor recommendation page, and when recruitment is successful, the recommendation is receiving a compensation of 1 million won.

Meanwhile, Com2us has released a 20-year-old baseball game development know-how. The compute V22 is a new feature that the graphics level is high through the 3D head scan and motion capture of the compartment series. The vertical UI optimized for mobile, and the actual league record was released as a live content that is actively reflected.