Elden Ring: Is it possible to spend the game in pacifist mode? The most curious Run of all

The players of Elden Ring from all over the world are still surprising as they absolutely exploit all the possibilities offered by everyone to finish the game. Previously, we cover an impressive race without blows performed by Bushido. But if we invest the trend and we would like to achieve a race without hurting actively, would that be possible? Absolutely, and many have already done it!

La Run Pacifist who seems affordable

As its name suggests, it is about successfully completing Elden Ring without inflicting any direct damage, that is: without attacking with sword, fist or anything that touches the enemy. However, it is possible (and even recommended) to perform invocations as the famous mimetic tear or other entities that you can command so that they can beat your opponent for you. This was achieved by Iron Pineapple , who in fact ended the game as enemies without blows.

It is possible to notice it in the video that details the RUN of it. The creator of content used all the techniques to succeed in the challenge of him. First, he chose the prophet class , which allows him to climb the statistics of faith of him more easily, which makes it easier for him to invoke several creatures. Then he uses the ghostly allies of him, whom he cures as they attack his enemies.

Can You Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Attacking? (Pacifist Run)

Another technique used to defeat the opponents of it, simply gravity . Sometimes, everything that is needed is to deceive certain enemies so that they approach the void to knock them down. As Iron Pineapple expresses it so accurately: _ “I do not kill them, gravity kills them” _. A French Streamer called Eventis also made this famous Run Pacifista. Like American YouTuber, he used mimic and many other invocations to finally beaten the Beast of Elden.

The best weapon is patience

For any Run “pacifist”, the key element is patience . You have to be ready to wait for hours, to see how bosses destroy your call, all on behalf of peace. As Eventis points out, the final attempt on the final boss lasted 24: 55 , while some annihilate them in less than a minute. This does not take into account all the attempts against the Beast of Elden in which the mimetic tear was destroyed… and he too.

In the case of Iron Pineapple, sometimes he had to take advantage of people present in the game to avoid certain chiefs who did not facilitate the task, such as the giant of fire, which, despite the tireless attempts of the player, not what did. He did not want to fall under vacuum.

In Previous Releases of FromSoftware, such execution would have been impossible because Invocations only exist in Elden Ring . A fairly new feature that allowed the players to exploit it for this race that we call “pacifist”. In any case, is about two remarkable actions , as well as the others. It is very difficult not to receive blows, but it is also difficult to give them. A great lesson of peace in the hostile lands of Elden Ring!