Arrival of update 1.0.0 for efootball

Catastrophic at its launch at the end of September, efootball should finally receive update 1.0.0 that should revive the interest of the Konami football game. The studio has confirmed that this wide patch should land on April 14 on all platforms. As a reminder, efootball is the new name of the franchise pes, the rival of fifa. If the game has tried a big shift by passing Free-To-Play, the initial launch of the game had been a drinking failure following the many bugs and a quite catastrophic gameplay.

An output date for update 1.0.0

Pushed twice, update 1.0.0 should therefore arrive on Thursday, April 14 on all media (except the mobile version that is still in development). This update should not only bring significant fixes to different game bugs, significantly improve the players’ experience but also add content with the “Dream team” mode.

This update is a critical moment for Konami who could, if the game does not find some stability, have lost all credibility in the world of football game. However, PES had at a time of an aura, making the best sports simulation around the 2000s. Since then, EA has resumed leadership with respect to football games while 2K had for a while (it is not Clearly, more the case), is unanimous with its franchise nba 2k on sports titles.

Thus, the studio puts big here with this patch attempt, for a game that was very promising. Before his release, we consider that the choice of crossplatform and free-to-play could be a decision allowing Konami to catch up with the FIFA franchise.

eFootball 2022 version 1.0 coming on April 14, makes wholesale changes to the game

We will take the time to test again efootball when setting up this 1.0.0 patch to compare both versions. You will find more information on Konami’s football simulation on September.