Halo Infinite will receive content inspired by the television series

Paramount + hseries premiered the expected Halo series, a product whose production hseries lengthened over time, but that finally hseries seen the light. With a second seserieson already confirmed, it is worth seriesking if the series and infinite halo will have some type of interaction or _crossover _ . In an interview with The Wserieshington Post, the communication director Brian Jarrard hseries confirmed that they are working on it.

“We are going to have some content that is inspired by the series and that will come into the game a little later “, he hseries said it without specifying more specific dates. According to Jarrard, the goal is to encourage viewers to try the game if they like the series. “The idea is that we see a little more cross pollination. Do you like the series? Take a look at the game that by the way, es free-to-play “.

The communication manager of 343 Industries hseries reminded that Infinite “is a service”, so they will have the option of “shaping and influencing the experiences and content over time”, despite the fact that “technically they are Different universes “ that take place in different chronologies. “I think you’ll find winks between a [product] and other.”

Halo Infinite will Feature Halo TV Show Content in the Future

Halo infinite problems

The releseriese of Halo Infinite hseries not been exempt from problems. In addition to the delays in the road map, some important features such series forging mode or the cooperative campaign have not been present in the launch. From 343 Industries admit that the situation is not suitable. In the words of the Jarrard himself, are not “happy” for not having “been able to meet the expectations of the community.” The team will need “working time” to redirect the vicissitudes that are going through.

Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, series well series Xbox Game Pseriess for PC, Console and Cloud. You can read our analysis here.