Surf safely on the internet: You should take these protective measures

Data claw, hacker catches, cyber-terrorism – in the digital age are the real threats. On the Internet a cyber war rages. But does these also affect individual individuals? That’s what I am currently asking much, both of companies and friends and acquaintances. Yes – unfortunately, not only since the current events.

Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

I have been developing the development for 20 years how the “bad hackers” gain more and more space and how we fight internet uses with the consequences. And since we deal with digitization in the companies and private sectors, especially. The internet is uncertain! It has been established that people open and worldwide networks exchange research results.

Try in your house when it is finished to subsequently lay cables or isolate the house from the inside. So about this is the internet – subsequently installing security mechanisms is very difficult, elaborate and there are always gaps. Therefore, cyber security is the other side of the medal digitization. If we further digitize our households, we have to get around.

A couple of facts:

The number of cyber attacks and damage caused by so-called ransomware (see box) have risen enormously in recent years. The BSI (Federal Office for Information Technology Security) has called 2021 the number of new variants of malicious software with 553,000 per day. Yes, you have read correctly: per day! Currently, a large part of this is so-called “ransomware” and recently different versions of so-called “Wiperware”. This is a malware or malware that easily deletes your data. Zack are you gone!