Now with indie games! Playing Steam Retro-style FPS 10 Selection [Special Feature]

A work that can be said to be the source of the FPS genre called “Wolfenstein 3D” was born and started to grow in earnest, and after 30 years have passed. In the past history, this genre has achieved a remarkable evolution, and there are also few works that have colored the game history.

Now there are a lot of various works, such as works that aim to be an emphasis on dramatic works and high quality graphics, but sometimes it is only a simple and feel free to play a shooter?

In the indie game scene, there are many works that have rispected FPS early works around the 90s, and one of the hot genres. In this paper, we will introduce you to 10 titles from STEAM 10 titles from STEAM.

# “DUSK”

Price: 1,999 yen Developed by David Szymanski Release Source: new blood interactive

# # Atmosphere Full-scale Loading FPS

It is a work that represents the masterpiece of the 90’s such as “Quake”. Graphic is low, and red black dark atmosphere is cool. Enemy characters also bring in sponsoring such as chain saw men who wear paper bags and cracked black cows.

Features are very high players’ mobility. The speed of running is very fast, and a further speed can be obtained by a stray jump that accelerates by excess. There is no reload, so it is a fun work that will be shot while being simple and refreshing.


Price: ¥ 2,570 Developer source: voidpoint Release source: 3d realms

# # FPS using the engine used at the time of 90’s

It is an FPS drawn in a classic style called 2D sprite character in a topography drawn with 3D graphics. This work is actually a work made using “Build Engine”, which was used in FPS works, such as “Shadow Warrior” and “Duke Nukem 3D”.

The engine is from old days, and gameplay is easy to play in modern times, and I can not feel too unreasonable. Maps are sull and makes it possible to felt a height difference. By the way, the release source is responsible for 3D Realms, which sells the “Duke Nukem” series at the time.

# “Devil Daggers”

Price: 498 yen Developed by: Sorath Sold By Sorath

# # You can buy with one coin! Endless score attack extremely

An arcade style score attack type FPS is an arcade style in the title introduced this time. When the player hits an attack even once, the limit condition of the game is over. We survive as long as possible on narrow circular fields, and compete for survival time with other players and rankings.

Since the shooting type can only perform a single attack such as a submachine gun and a fixed shotgun, an ad lib force to determine the position and shooting type of the enemy and the shooting type will be tried.

The graphic depiction distance is short for the narrow field, and the sense of tension is excellent because the surroundings can not be seen.

# “The Citadel”

Price: 1,520 yen Developed by: DOEKURAMORI Launcher: DOEKURAMORI, TOP HAT STUDIOS

# # Domestic personal development FPS that can feel commitment to guns

FPS produced by DOEKURAMORI, a domestic individual indie leperpaper. The characteristics of this work are realistic reload systems and enemy characters. Of course, the ballistics fall, and reloading needs to be bulleted once or feels that the magazine remains in the magazine, and you can not take over to the next bullet, and feel the commencement of the next magazine.

Enemy characters are dressed in heavy armor, but the contents drawn with Japanese patterns. Nevertheless, because the enemy is dying like another FPS, it may be tough if you are not good at expression of the genre called “Ryona”, but if you are fine, it is one of the ways to play.

# “UltraKill” (early access)

Price: 2,050 yen Developer source: ARSI “Hakita” Patala Release source: New Blood Interactive

# # One idea is a fun high difficulty FPS

It is an FPS with a graphic of low poly and low resolution texture that reminiscent of PS1, but its real game play is close to a contemporary action game, and from “Devil May Cry” or “DOOM (2016)” I’m aware of the impact.

The progress of the game is trapped in a certain area every time, and an arena format aiming for eradication of the range. A high-speed battle will be unfolded, but the one idea that you can restore when shooting the enemy will contribute to the fun of the battle. It is a highly difficult balance that will be pinched as soon as possible, but the feeling of exhilaration when it stands well.

# “Bunkerpunks”

Price: 1,480 yen Developed by Ninja Robot Dinosaur Solder: Ninja Robot Dinosaur

# # Genre Morimori FPS!

Rogue Lights × FPS × It is a work of the attribute that is integrated with base development. The player aims to collect items and money while exploring complex maps that are automatically generated in the shooter part, and to escape from the elevator, and we will develop a base using the supplies obtained in the base development part.

It is different from pure action shooter, but if you ask for a strange work, how about it?

# “The Spy WHO Shot Me”

Price: 1,120 yen Developer source: Retro ARMY LIMITED Release source: Paulstephendavis

# # Comedy Spy FPS

FPS played an active part of the wind of the appearance that seems to be a famous spy. Agent 7, which is the main character, will face the evil organization “S. C. U.M.”. The story is developed by comedy, and is a bit strange situation and enemy character.

Animation from the top of the main character and animation flowing from the top of the screen at the time of death, also reminiscent of the masterpiece FPS “Golden Eye 007” released for Nintendo 64.

The title is the parody of “The Spy Who Loved Me (007 / I Loved Spy)”.

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# “Carnal”

Price: 100 yen Developer source: JG ROOS Release Source: MercySoft

# # 100 100 フ p フ s フ p フ s f f!

It is a work that can be purchased for 100 yen. Because it is 100 yen, it is not scolded, 17 levels are available, and you can enjoy a variety of guns and key cards, such as retro style FPS.

It does not mean that it is better than 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen works, but you can enjoy the player in a unique atmosphere such as a distinctive colorful color taste graphic or unique location. It is not a playful title, but it is a title with high cospa.

# # “Arkos”

Price: 1,010 yen Developer source: retro souls Sold by Retro Souls

# # Colorful voxel graphics are cute!

Voxel style vivid graphic is characteristic FPS. There is also a device such as breaking the wall and entering the room or breaking the fence.

Characters are drawn with a small dot picture and are very fun in colorful and vivid color use. Action FPS While the game tempo is calm at slow pace, and there are many cute enemy characters that tend to be bloody and are easy to play.

# “Post Void”

Price: ¥ 310 Developer source: YCJY GAMES Solder: YCJY GAMES

# # Eye is a flashy effect! Extreme Rogue Light FPS

This work can be said to be the most sharp work in the title introduced in this article. The main character runs through the stage of one main road so as not to cut the liquid that continues to leak from the head shaped object held on his left hand. You can replenish the liquid by defeating the enemy, but it is a very busy work that has no time to stop and fight.

Since the placement of the terrain and the enemy changes each time, the address of the place is also required. At area transition, you can change the equipment and skills to change the fight.

The main character hand, enemy character, field is a crazy design drawn by a strong line that was drawn. The above effect is also an excessive effect, and it is also included that the appearance that looks like a vivid color or shooting is included. If you have a photoassivity attack symptom, you should definitely play if you have symptoms No is a highly addictive work that has been challenged and challenged.

More than 10 works were introduced. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, Retro style FPS is currently one of the hot genres in the indie game scene. There are many titles that could not be introduced in this article, so check out various works?