Infantino wants to term for third parties as FIFA

As part of the 72nd Congress of the World Association, which takes place this year a few months before the World Cup start in Doha (Qatar), Infantino announced his candidacy. “It’s the last congress in which there are new elections. You are the member organizations, so I want to tell you first that I am at the 73rd congress to re-election,” said the Swiss.

Infantino, in 2016, started succession of Sepp Blatter at the top of the Football World Association. In 2019 he had been re-elected. Still is not almost when and where the next congress should take place with the elections. For Infantino it would be the last term of office, only three sees the statutes of FIFA.

The FIFA Council had officially launched the application process on Wednesday and decided to the schedule until the vote. The deadline for the announcement of candidates was set at four months before the Congress, the deadline for the communication of the names of the proposed and approved candidates on a month before the Congress.

Infantino also takes a public distance from two-year rhythm for the World Cup

Meanwhile, Infantino also publicly advanced from his project to change the World Cup every two years. Already on Wednesday was leaked that the FIFA president has distanced himself from his plans. “I want to clarify: FIFA has not proposed no World Cup every two years. We will try to lead a discussion to find something that best suits,” he stressed. Resistance to a two-year World Cup had given it from the continental associations of Europe and South America.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino urges Vladimir Putin to engage in meaningful peace talks
The FIFA Congress had decided on a proposal of the Saudi Arab Association last year the implementation of a feasibility study. As the news agency AFP had previously reported on a negotiating circle, possible alternatives should be discussed on the edge of the congress.