Köllners referee

Bayern Munich played With 12 Players on the Pitch vs Freiburg 2022 bayern players blame the referee

Playfully, the Munich lions were convincing against Saarbrücken, they presented the FCS against great problems and had the clearer offensive actions. Accordingly, Köllner was satisfied with the performance of his team. His team convinced in the fight for the ascent ranks with “good pressing” and “very good football”. It was ultimately just for a point, annoyed the coach, the draw he stuck at the microphone of “magenta” but relatively left. “Today it was undeserved that we left two points here, but in football, that’s the way it is short of it. Then you have to shake up and then it will continue in the next week in Freiburg and there’s the next three points. “

He was less left the referee decisions in the game and would have been in the 18th minute, when the boiler got the ball to the landscaped arm, as well as the two-fight between Lex and Beder (33rd) like a penalty whistle. The referee Sven Jablonski let both scenes run. Particularly annoyed the coach that the lions had recently cashed in comparable situations penalters: “We got two penalty in Mannheim, we got a penalty here against Halle. If this is one of the hand, it says: ‘ But the hand already had on the body, since he can not do anything. ‘”

Köllner: “There is a shock”

For Köllner, the scene was also the scene before compensation of the Saarbrücker, in which Gouras Gouras got a slight shear. “He wants to clarify the ball and he pushes him away, I do not have to be a kick with a rifle behind, there is a shock, but the Münchner annoyed over the failed whistle and continued:” It’s all about it That we encounter the rating with three pounds, encounter five pounds, pushing twenty kilos? Listen to me… “

The accusation of the coach did not work against the referee Jablonski – the problem is rather a mistake that the system bring with themselves, in which in some leagues with video assistant banging and not in others. “In the Bundesliga and the 2nd league, there is the video assistant, because they are constantly sung something in the ear, they go out again, look at it four times,” says Köllner. “In such a game, that does not exist, because he has to choose Ad Hoc. And if you have to decide ad hoc, but it is no longer used, then you make mistakes.”

Apart from the referee’s frustration of the lions, Köllner sees his team in the ascent race despite the lying points further in a good position: “If the team occurs in the last six games, I believe, we will experience a weighty word about the rise.”