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Full-scale 3D Dungeon RPG Expansion Pack Appeared “Spazadry and Eight Trial of Eight of Gaiden: Abyss” [UPDATE]

Ide announced that the Studio 79000 will have a 3D dungeon RPG “ Spazadry, eight trials of eight trials ” will be released.

Ai no change, stoic and severe combat balance, etc. are the same work of 3D dungeon RPG, which is attractive, but in this expansion pack

  • Added 30 scenarios

  • Significantly expand monster images such as “Space Caesarian Sachtorte”

Dungeon Siege - High resolution textures (ESRGAN) - Final release

In addition to the addition of content such as, it is equipped with the latest function “ spa-kun “.

The same function is a spa of various “fill” work that sucks the user’s time, such as the creation of a character that fills the party’s free frame, and the buried dungeon map filling, and the burial of the adventurer who became unnecessary. The kun is tired and it is a great technology that sends the data directly by direct mail.

In addition, it is planned to extend the function and evolve into the cutting edge “Spa-kun AI”, “AI” responds to the voice of “good scenario”, and it is a fuzzy that “I feel good at 〇 〇” It will be possible to generate and play a new scenario at the input.

“Spazadry and Gaiden Tenno Trials” Expansion Pack “Abyss” will be released for the P55 / X86 / PC within 20025.

※ Update (2022/4/1 12:05): Yeah, April Fool’s Day, this year.

In the GAME * SPARK brand, “Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” developed at STEAM early Access from the development of “Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” is “Sorry for the user. Bug fix of the body continuing. And the plans such as adding content including the implementation of the official scenario English version as well as the functional extension are also considered, so it would be appreciated if you can support it with a long eye. “