Strategy Games Publisher Hooded Horses 7 titles to Japanese language. Space war is also easy to play Gods work

Publisher’s Hooded Horse announced on March 30th to respond to Japanese for all titles handled by the company. The publisher has been released (or released) so far, and seven works are subject to Japanese language.

As a target title, the strategy RPG “The Way of Wrath”, which leads the prehistoric tribe. SF real-time strategy “Falling Frontier” focused on ship design, reconnaissance and logistics strategy. Space exploration and geolocation game “Terra INVICTA” that draws various factions on earth. A historical strategy game “Old World”, which leads to the dynasty. “Alliance of the Sacred Suns” incorporating the RPG element in the Universe 4X Grand Strategy Game. Space Strategy and Survival Games “Fragile Existence”. A city that leads people and leads people to the city. “Fata Deum”. The above seven titles are compatible with Japanese.

Hooded Horse is a Publisher based in Dallas, Texas in the United States. We have published indie games and are mainly dealing with strategy game simulation game and RPG.

The CEO Tim Bender, who launched HOODED HORSE, is a person who was working on a business management consultant at MCKINSEY & COMPANY, MCKINSEY & COMPANY. He also has a history of working as a lawyer who handles commercial lawsuits in Law Office Fulbright & Jaworski. Bender, believing in the potential of indie games, Bender, who has launched HOODED HORSE, has posted multiple business commentary articles for indie lepers on his official page blog.

About this total title Japanese language, Bender’s career may be involved. That said, he has acquired two master’s degree in the field of East Asian history and language at Harvard University. Even in his blog, we have posted articles that analyze the trends of Chinese Steam users, showing strong interest in marketing in East Asia. Hooded Horse Titles support Chinese and Chinese.

As a publisher, the Japanese development of this time will also be a part of Marketing in East Asia. From now on, we would like to expect domestic development to be actively conducted for the title announced by Hooded Horse.