“Valorant” new agent is an information collection that causes “deep emotions”? Image images are also posted

Liat Games, published information about the current state of the agent in “ Valorant ” on the official site.

According to the information published, it is said that “continuing observation” for balancing in patch 4.04, especially for reworks, and “it is certain that interesting play is newly born” increase.

In addition, information about new agents is also released as the main content, and the focus of development is “What is the lack of lack of core version tile?” “Is there a big possibility?” It is said that “What is necessary for the soundness of the game?” As a more specific information, it is an agent that develops strategies focusing on information gathering, and the development team has ever discussed that the initiator (especially Sauva) has discussed. This new agent should cause players to cause “deep emotions”.

Furthermore, although not the contents that are not specified, this information is tightened with “Herkesin Bir Korkusu Var. (Because there is a scary to anyone.)” And the title of the image image attached to the end of the sentence Because of “LOKUM” and Turkish confectionery name, new agents are expected to be a Turkish or Turkey person.

“Valorant” is distributed for free for Windows.