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Reste: De The Ashes – Build 216106 Notes de Patch

Reste: Ashes had another new update, bringing a new dungeon called Leto’s Lab. There is also the usual type of changes, corrections, adjustments, balancing adjustments and everything you know and like in updates. Because you also like the version notes, read it for all the details of version 216106.

Construction number: 216106


Developer’s comment: This new dungeon is dynamically found in Ruined Earth at a time in the main countryside and in adventure mode itself. Explore this hidden laboratory and discover the dark secrets of Dr. Leto Apostolakis’s experiences. Take a trip to Leto’s lab and see if you can brave the horrors that hide there.

  • Many collision and adjustment corrections
  • Dozens of updates and patches for performance in Rhom
  • Lod corrects for performance
  • Dozens of animation updates
  • Deleting many unused audio files for optimization
  • Deleting duplicate foliage

Developer’s comment: This time we have made many changes behind the scenes to improve performance in the game.

Bug Corrections

  • Correction of the core anchor disappearing from the inventory
  • Fixed a problem with Unreal with VoIP causing accidents
  • Lost background effects do not appear when shooting in clouds / fog
  • Enabling the listening option when starting a part in offline mode, then online passage
  • Fixed transmitter for some mud effects
  • Deleting a key association for some rear doors
  • Correction of a handful of typing faults
  • Fixed a problem causing the incorrect display of certain values
  • Adding a hotfix for persistence of traits / achievements
  • Correction of a rare case where the wood of lamentations loses its weak point
  • Adding a hotfix for scenarios that caused infinite zone loads

Patch 12.5b Rundown | League of Legends
Developer comment: More bug fixes! Not much to say if it is still working to correct as many bugs as we can enter fixes. Sometimes they are big, sometimes, they are small, but they add up!


  • Adding a check and a notification to warn the incorrect data players and the ability to reset them when detected
  • Adding limited level classes to prevent upper speed in adventure mode and in the games of others
  • Simulacrums can now fall in adventure mode
  • The minimum dead zone can now be set to 0 for consoles

Comment of Developer: Player data (on PC) have been corrupted online by “players with doubtful intentions”. We have put in place the start of a system to help solve the problems affecting the data and allow users to avoid ending with modified data. We also corrected an oversight that prevented simulacrum falling in adventure mode, reduced to 0 the minimum dead zone parameter on the console and adjusted how precelted equipment fell and affected lower level players.


Developer’s comment: In order to make more viable objects, we have made some minor modifications to some of them. These are not gigantic changes that totally change the functioning of things, but rather a boost in the right direction. We have more important changes for upcoming items in a future patch!

  • Gravity Stone: Reduces the number of enemies near 3 to 2
  • Gravity stone: scope increased from 8 to 10 m
  • Gravity Stone: Reduction of the increase in damage from 25% to 20% to compensate for easier access to the buff
  • Anguish Rock: Improvement of the speed of travel from 25% to 20%
  • SAGESTONE: Increased Exp Bonus From 15% to 25%
  • Scavenar ball: increased scrap recovery from 25% to 35%


  • Leto: Add the armor of Leto
  • Leto: ABDOMINAL FLOP DAMAGES Added (equivalent to a hammer blow)
  • Leto: Adding a single / slow backdash

Developer’s comment: Explore the letro’s laboratory’s mysteries to discover Leto’s armor, the heaviest armor defined in the game. The belly flop often asked is now a reality (with the damage caused by AOE to the landing).

  • Drifter: 25% to 50% increase in improving the speed of progression of the target 1 piece

Developer’s comment: We wanted to make sure that players felt the impact of improving AIM speed… So we improve it!


  • Tree of flicker: adjusted duration so that it does not last indefinitely (until it is broken)
  • Tree of flicker: Total amount absorbed for adjusted damage
  • Tree of flicker: Adjusted requirements for mod power accumulation
  • Flicker cloak: adding a text explaining that it prevents the ruler from being spread

Developer’s comment: It was not yet officially released, but some players had access to harmful ways. We have made adjustments to the “beta” Flicker Cloak for it to be ready for the exit!


Developer’s comment: Just as for small modifications, we made some changes to Adrenaline and Frenzy Dust to make them a little more attractive. For Frenzy Dust, we also wanted to better represent its operation (and its operation). Players must stay in dust when started to get the buff (as it has always been) and it disappears much faster to show that it is not a constant aura in which you can enter and go out.

  • Adrenaline: increase of travel speed from 10% to 15%
  • Adrenaline: adding 25% increase in the lens running speed
  • Adrenaline: the duration has increased from 30 to 45 years
  • Frenzy Dust: shortcut the duration of the haze of 10 to 2 seconds to specify that it is a buff 1x and not an aura
  • Frenzy Dust: Correction of the buff to refresh when using another Frenzy Dust.


  • I brought to Wasteland Goodboy from the treats of the earth. He appreciated them a little.

Comment of Developer: Perhaps too much…