“Rockman X DIVE” up to 251 stations! Two capsules start! Via (CV: Takeuchi Sauchi) participates in the war! DIVE Festival is held! “Spring Rockman X DIVE Festival 2022 6 Large Event & Campaign” is being held!

In the game application “Rockman X Dive” for iOS / Android, a new “Dive Fes Capsule” will be held from March 23 (Wed). The original character “Via” of this work is finally appeared in play with play.

In the game application “Rockman X Dive” for iOS / Android, a new “Dive Fes Capsule” will be held from March 23 (Wed). The original character “Via” of this work is finally appeared in play with play. Character Voices are in charge of voice actor and Takeuchi.

In addition, in the “Spring Rockman X Dive Festival 2022 6 Large Event & Campaign”, an event that can launch the capsule to commemorate the second anniversary of the Asian version 251 consecutive free events, the original acrylic stand [Via], and the campaign that hits [Via]!

【App DL】 https://smart.link/jcejbwpn8wi8s?device_id=device_id&site_id=1
[Special site] https://mobile.capcom.com/rxd/CP_MARCH2022.HTML

# [Via is a new appearance & pickup] Dive Festival!

April 6 (Wednesday) DIVE FES Capsules Picked Up S-Class Characters “Via” newly up to 13:00!

# # Skills of new appearance characters!

CV: Takeuchi Sauchi


# Max 100 consecutive fees! Asian version XDIVE 2 Anniversary Capsule Held!

“Asian version XDIVE 2 Anniversary Capsule” which can be launched in “Asian version XDIVE 2 Anniversary Tickets” until 13:00 (Wed). One ticket will be presented daily until April 2 (Saturday)!

Tickets can be 10-by-one “Asian version XDIVE 2 Anniversary Capsule”. Up to 100 consecutive rows, you can start free!

# Up to 151 stations! [Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Capsule Held!

April 20 (Wed) 13:00 “[Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Capsule” will be held in “[Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Ticket”!

Lucky tickets can be reached up to 151 sheets in the event stage “Subghalli of the Hunter of the Asian Version” login event!

Lucky tickets can be launched once “[Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Capsule”. Up to 151 stations, you can start free!

# [Lucky Ticket GET!] “Subghable Black Hunter Summoning” Delivery!

April 5 (Tuesday), up to 22:00, the event stage “Sometime! Summoned black hunter” is delivered!

A total of 110 sheets of “[Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Tickets” can be obtained by the score reward of the event!

In addition, if the cumulative score reaches 2,000, you can get the card [Rockman XDive]!

※ Participation of this event is the player level 22.

【Card [Rockman XDive]]

# [Lucky Ticket GET!] [Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Login Event Held!

A login event can be held, “Wed (Wednesday, Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Ticket” to 13:00 on April 13!

Collect a lot of lucky tickets and challenge “[Asian Version 2nd Anniversary] Lucky Capsule”!

# RT and get “Acrylic Stand [Via]”! Campaign

On March 29 (Tuesday) 23:59, “RT and get the original Acrylic Stand [Via]!”

From those who have RT the official Twitter and the tweets for campaigns, we will present “Rockman X Dive Original Acrylic Stand [Via]” to 50 people by lottery.

【Campaign prize】
1) Rockman X Dive Original Acrylic Stand [Via]: 5 0 people by lottery

※ Design, specifications, etc. may change without notice.

【Campaign site】

# Spring Rockman X Dive Festival 2022 6 Great Events & Campaigns


※ “Capsule” of this work is content equivalent to “Gacha” such as general game app. You can consume eleem metals, randomly, characters and weapons.

※ How to obtain partial event items • The time of acquisition may differ from “Rockman X Dive” distributed for Asia from Capcom Taiwan.

# “Rockman X Dive” Product Overview

Series Total Sales Quantity Located Action Game “Rockman” series recorded 36 million copies. The latest work “Rockman X Dive” appears as a game app for iOS / Android!

This work with the “Rockman X” series is a lot of factors such as content that tries their arms and cooperative play with friends! In the world of Rockman X’s “IF”, let’s enjoy the horizontal scroll action Tokoton! !

Title: Rockman X Dive Genre: Action RPG Service Start Date: October 26, 2020 Platform: iOS / Android Access Method: [App Store] https://apps.apple.com/app/id1526099327 [Google Play] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.capcom.rxdjp Play Price: Basic Free (with item charge) Official site: https://mobile.capcom.com/rxd/ Official Twitter (@Rx_Dive): https: //twitter.com/rx_dive Copyright notice: (C) Capcom CO., LTD. All rights reserved.