Find connection between Legacy Hogwarts and a Villain from Harry Potter

Last week we had a State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, which showed us a lot of details about this anticipated game, including a first look at its villains. Although many things are still missing for revealing, Avalanche Software indicated that Victor Rookwood would be one of the main antagonists of this title, and it seems that this infamous magician has a connection with another Villain of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage REVEALED (+Release Date and FAQ) - Villain REVEALED!

The fans of this franchise will have immediately recognized the last name thanks to another Villain of Harry Potter: Augustus Rookwood. Augustus worked for the Mysterial Department before having betrayed them to become a spy of Voldemort . After being discovered he sent it to Azkaban and this scene we can see it in Harry Potter and the chalice of fire as a flashback. He eventually escaped and participated during the Second Magic War. **

It is easy to see that there is certainly a connection between these two magicians, but as it was previously told, at the moment this has not been confirmed to one hundred percent and it is a mere speculation by fans. Surely there will be some other connections to Harry Potter along Hogwarts Legacy, and the Potterheads will be very well found all of them.

Editor’s note: Obviously, it was expected that Hogwarts Legacy was to have several references to Harry Potter, but it seems that they could be much more subtle from what we thought. It will be interesting to know all of them once the game reaches our hands at the end of this year.