From Software: Reports on sexism and exploitation to the ELDEN ring

From Softwares Elden Ring is an absolute success. Not only enjoys the Open World title at numerous positive reviews, so we also had a lot of fun with the monumental action roleplay, Elden Ring has meanwhile been more than 12 million times.

Through the commercial success Elden Rings, the company is behind the game, from software, of course also on everyone’s lips. Unfortunately, there were also some abuses in the developer studio to the light, such as those thatamer reported. Employees of the game studio complain well about a lousy payment and law of bad working conditions.

ELDEN-RING-MAGER really exposes his staff almost

The law popular job board Career Connection gives employees the opportunity to rate their company. From Software currently has a rating of 2.6 out of a total of five stars. Job satisfaction received from former employees 2.2, stress management 2.6, and compensation just 1.9 stars.

The average annual income is probably at about 3.4 million, which corresponds to almost 26,000 euros. The headquarters of from Software is located in the city of Tokyo, which is not known for cheap rental rates.

Also, some people complain about a variety of overtime, employees must pay every month in about 40 overtime. In the quite low remuneration, this ensures dissatisfaction for many employees.

Especially female employees have probably not easy for from software. So there is supposedly no special treatment for pregnancies and childcare. _ “From most female employees who are just before birth, it is expected to leave the company,” _ writes a designer.

Even sexual harassment in the workplace seems to have taken place at FROM Software. So an employee explains:

_ “It seems that there has been sexual harassment in the past.” _

In the meantime, at least this aspect should have a little improved, she adds to her statement:

“Since there are very few women, I think that male employees are very careful.” _

Many of these reviews of former employees are now almost ten years old, but also contributions from 2016 can also be found. The states at FROM Software therefore seem to have been so at least the last few years. How exactly the company operates in 2022 is unknown, the rating of 2.6 stars on Career Connection is still rather below average.

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From Software is not the only company that must currently face such allegations. For example, Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft are still under sharp criticism due to catastrophic working conditions, but also against smaller studios such as Moon Studios, the creators of the popular ORI series, there were recently similar allegations.

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22.03.2022 at 17:46