Signed MOU for UII Korea, Netmarble F & A and Meta Bus Platform Construction

Unity Korea (Representative Kim In-sook, UNITI), has signed a strategic partnership for Netmarble (representative authority, Pojo Wook) and a strategic partnership for Netmarble F & A (representative Surgery) and ‘Game Content and Meta Bus Platform Business.

Unity and Net Marble F & Se decided to build ‘Metabus World’ using Unity’s engine and technology through this MOU. ‘Metabus World’ is a new platform based on games, digital human, entertainment, content (webtoon? Web novel), and commerce, based on block chain technology. Through this Convention, both companies are expected to implement a new metaverse platform.

Unity is a strategic partner of Netmarble F & Sea, and will continue training technical support and experts for metabases. Netmarble F & A is a leading to the development of Meta bus world, and it is a plan to introduce a variety of projects that apply unity engine and technology.


Unity is a real-time 3D content production and operational platform leading the industry that accounts for more than 50% of global market share. Unity has been distributing software used to build a global metaverse platform, such as ‘Horizon World’ in Meta (Ward Facebook), “Jephto” of Naver Jet. Recently, New Zealand’s best visual effects and animated cities of New Zealand’s best visual effects and animated sectors produced CG images of ‘Avatar’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Throne’s Game’ and ‘Ring’ ‘, “Weta Digital ‘Real-time modification, simulation artist tools’ Job Dynamics (ZIVA Dynamics) are attracted attention.

UII Korea Kim In-sook, “said Metabus platform implementation from the game to digital human, entertainment, is also a meaningful experience as Unity,” “based on Unity’s technology and resources used to build a global metabus platform. I added an extended metabus platform to the market. “

Netmarble F & Sea Seomwon representative “was able to expect continued technological advances with Unity in the world’s highest level of metaverse platform.” It will be a platform. “