Elden Ring: Game of From Software has already sold 12 million times

Publisher Bandai Namco and from software have been announced in a message that Elden Ring has already sold over 12 million times since the release since the release. The new project of the Dark Souls-maker was only published a few weeks ago, on February 25, 2022. Which success the teams can celebrate here with a comparison with previous games of the studio.

So far, Dark Souls 3 was the title that has sold in the history of Bandai Namco fastest in no time. Over 3 million copies went over the counter within one month. Sekiro: Shadows The Twice was able to sell around 2 million times in ten days. But the 12 million units of Elden Ring is no other from software project RAN.

Sales from Europe also show on which platform Elden Ring has most commonly implemented. Accordingly, 44% of sales in Europe fall to the PC version. Behind this follows the PS5 implementation with 27%. Xbox (16%) and PS4 (13%) Complete the list. It was the greatest start of a new brand since Ubisoft’s The Division in 2016.

Mind Blowing Elden Ring News - Fromsoftware Reveals Over 12 Million Copies Sold In Less Than 3 Weeks

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