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Dunpa Fighting Game DNF Dual is released on June 28

Dungeon & Fighter Daejeon Fighting Game ‘DNF Dual’ is released on June 28, which is a Dungeon and Fighter Daejeon fighting game that Neop and Arc SystemWorks is jointly developed.

This news was opened in the “ARCREVO AMERICA 2021) ‘finals’ ARCREVO AMERICA 2021 (ARCREVO AMERICA 2021)’ on the Gil Tee Gore Strombean North American A-Sports Competition held on the 19th (local standard). Approximately 40 seconds of DNF dual new images were released at the end of the competition, In addition, we can see the appearance of ‘Mecanic’, which was not disclosed in the past.

DNF DUEL|Ghostblade Play Video

In addition, Arc SystemWorks said that the E-Sports Competition ‘ARC World Tour 2022 (ARC World Tour 2022) (ARC World Tour 2022). The prize money is $ 100,000, a total of $ 20,000 (about $ 243 million in Hanwha (about 24.3 million won), and the tournament winner in each region is conducted in a way that the winner of the finals will play the strongest. Sony Interactive Entertainment Sponsor for Americas and Nexon.

DNF Dual has gathered his eyes with a new fighting game, which is a joint vaginal game, which is a group of arc systemWorks, which is a group of fighting games with Neop and Gil Tee, and Bleu Blue, who have developed Dungeon & Fighter. It is based on Unreal Engine 4 and it is characterized by increasing the taste of the character of the characters that appears in the dungeon and fighter. In addition, we plan to present differentiated game properties in characters, stories, and skills.

In December last year, tested as a playstation target, and 10 characters have been disclosed in the test. DNF dual supports PC (steam), PS4, PS5.