What ghosts are in Hogwarts “Hojwarts”?

We know that Hogwarts’s Hogwarts attracts much attention thanks to the demonstration of the state of affairs on March 17. Among them, ghosts walking on Hogwarts who interact with the player.

Who is almost a heartless nickname in Hogwarts heritage?

The Sad Histories Of The Hogwarts Ghosts

One of the ghosts is almost a gel nickname that appears in the trailer. Almost a gell nickname is Nicholas de Mimi-Portopington, a member of the Faculty of Gryffindor. His head was almost chopped as a result of misconception on October 31, 1492.

Almost heavenly nickname became the ghost of the Gryffindor Tower in Hogwarts after he was executed for the fact that he accidentally forced the woman to repel the beer. The trailer shows how he discusses with the player the headless hunt of Sir Patrick.

The next ghost, seen in the trailer, is a professor, but in ten seconds the same professor can be seen in full body. It can be a spell, and maybe a double. Nevertheless, it is easy to see that ghosts play an active role in the game, and you can interact with them.

In this trailer, we saw almost headless Nick from the films about Harry Potter, but we are still waiting for other families, such as a bloody baron.

Roman Ungern von Sternberg, known as the Bloody Baron, was a Slytherin who died in the 11th century. In still life, he fell in love with Elena Ravenklo, but love was not mutual. Due to the status of Sternberg as a ghost of the faculty, players who have fallen into the Slytherin should be able to interact with it, like an almost gell nickname.

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