Triangle Strategy almost reaches a million units sold

_ Triangle Strategy _ He arrived at the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. While the first days of sales were not somewhat exceptional, it was recently revealed that this tactical JRPG almost reaches a million units sold to World level , which positions it as one of the most successful TomoYa Asano games of recent years.

According to the official Asano account on Twitter, TRIANGLE STRATEGY has sold more than 200 thousand units in Japan and Asia, and The total number of copies worldwide exceeds 800 thousand. To celebrate this event, Naoki Ikushima, illustrator of this game, created a new painting by Anna, Benedict and decimal.

In comparison, Bravely default II reached 950 thousand units sold six months after its launch, and with its arrival to PC exceeded the million. On the other hand, _ octopath Traveler_ reached a million copies in its first month . At this rate, it is likely to TRIANGLE STRATEGY also exceed this brand before it ended the month of March.

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Editor’s note:

TRIANGLE STRATEGY is a phenomenal game that deserves all the success you have received. He took more than 80 hours in this world, and I am doing everything possible to see all the available scenarios. I really hope that this is a case of success for Tomoya Asano and his team.