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Is it possible to explore the surroundings of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Heritage?

Hogwarts heritage was considered in detail on the PlayStation. Hogwarts heritage: the state of the game which was broadcast on March 17, 2022. It turned out that players will be able to explore many places in the magic world, including places not shown in films. TO Showcase Dedicated Hogsmid and Village of the village But other places can probably be explored behind the walls of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy - 15 Minutes of New Gameplay

How can you explore the Hogwarts Heritage World?

The showcase gave a lot of information about the game, including the ways of movement. Players will be able to fly on the broom to explore the world, and are likely to explore the world at their own pace. The demonstration scenes also showed a cult Hogwarts express, where players were sitting on the train riding in an unknown place. Perhaps, the players travel around the world until they wake up the laying skills.

Although Hogsmid and other iconic areas can be explored in Hogwarts “Hogwarts”, there may be some aspects, unfamiliar to the serial fans. The action of the game is happening in the 1800s, in a century before the events of films about Harry Potter. This difference in the settings can strongly affect the appearance of some famous places in the world.

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