Harry Potter ARPG “Hogwarts Legacy” will be released in winter 2022. Latest information and publication, such as the flow of school life and the way of growth

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment broadcasted “Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022” on March 18. Among them, new information on “ Hogwarts Legacy (Hogwarts Legacy) ” was revealed.

This work is an open world action RPG based on the “Harry Potter” series. In the game, the 19th century Hogwart Magic Magician school is drawn earlier than novels and movies. In addition to being able to customize the character, you can craft the potion, learn about spells and become a wizard of your favorite.

The player admission to Hogwarts as a revenue from the fifth grade. At the start of the game, first creature the character. It seems that you can adjust finely, such as hairstyles and skin colors. Thereafter, one of the four dormitory members belongs to the house mate. He will attend a variety of classes. Courtes various subjects such as defense, pythroabetry, magical pharmacology for dark magic. A unique professor is waiting, cast a spell, raise herbs, create a potion and encourage the subject. In class, students seem to be a simulated duel between students.

In the middle of classes and classes, you can also search through the castle of Hogwarts. Sometimes it is possible to discover dungeons and hidden passages. In some cases, puzzles that make full use of magic are also available. By the way, this work is the stage of the first half of the 1800s, so most teaching teams are original characters. However, there seems to be a familiar face with regard to the ghosts.

Hogwarts Legacy NEW Release Date - Harry Potter News
Around Hogwarts, the opportunity of various adventures is waiting and the magical technology learned at school is tried. It seems that one of the professors will accompany you to investigate the truth of the rumor of the Demon Rebel. Among them, there seems to be a scene that confronts the scales and magic. In the era of this work, various dangers are awaited, and it is also possible that the battle with the powerful power contaminated with the powerful power and the powerful power, and the fight against the wizard and the witch. It seems that the alliance of the Demon and Darkness Magic is also connected.

Enemy encountering in this work is attacked and defensive. It seems to be curseed, casting spells, enchanted weapons, and utilizing various magic. If it is directly attacked, it may also be enchanted to disadvantageous to this. In this case, by making full use of spells etc. that develop shield, it seems that spells and weapons attacks can be avoided. Also, by carrying out a counter attack, it is possible to further add a series of strikes.

If you are familiar with the spell, you can also make the weakness of the enemy. You throw things or hit the opponent on the ground, or use various finisher. In some cases, there may be a strong magic that teachings do not know. Combine various magic and decide your battle style.

For classes and spells, players can also grow through upgrades, talents, skills, etc. You can earn experience points by promoting search and clearing challenges. You can select the talent to upgrade and to level up the ability to level. The ability of spells, herbs, and potions is enhanced. Together with your play tile, you will grow your favorite magic. Also, during the search, it is possible to find, buy or craft its own magic equipment. You can enhance attack power and defense in battle. By upgrading the equipment, it is possible to earn more powerful abilities.

Not only spells but also potions and medicines can be used for combat. If you use a potion, you can enhance your own power when it is here. Also, if you grow magic plants, you will interfere with the other party in battle. Sometimes it can be able to withdraw the mandlek and help down the other party. In addition, if you learn magic biological development and development, it can also be touched with the students who meet schools or outside. Furthermore, if flight training is received, the search can be performed more smoothly.

Some capabilities can be obtained by deepening the relationship with other students. And the students who got along are also likely to find out as a companion. While deepening the exchange, the opportunity to know about the student’s back story. For example, Natsai ONAI is a strong and brave girl. Poppy Sweetig has a kind heart and loves magic organisms. It also appears that Sebastian Sallow, a regular criminal criminal criminal officer. It seems that these students can meet these students by exploring the school inter-class.

In addition, a room of Room of Requirement also appears in this work. Here, it is said that the player feels like the player. Room of Requirement Players can grow magic plants, brewing potions, and upgrade equipment to catch up with their surrounding students. You can also bring up magical organisms with Bavarium. This space seems to be able to customize the player’s preferences by setting up a cottage.

In this work, it is also possible to visit Hogsmead, a nearby village. Various stores can be used. Potion materials, recipes, magical plant species, various equipment etc. can be obtained. However, the dangerous side is also a dangerous aspect. It seems that there is also a possibility of encountering a wizard and a witch of darkness.

In the school life, the season and the weather change dynamically. In the suburbs, there are also a village of wizard, and it seems that there are stories and missions for each merchant and residents living there. In addition, there is also a puzzle that Merlin, a legendary magic Merlin, has been created during Hogwarts. Outside the castle, various magic organisms habitat. Some creatures are contaminated with the magic of darkness or are targeted by poachers. Players can also help their creatures and rearranges with the Room of Requirement. In addition to this, dungeons, etc., it seems that there is also a unknown compensation, while it is full of danger.

“Hogwarts Legacy” will be released on the 2022 holiday season, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC.