Dead by Daylight launches 3 surprise aspects

Bevern in the light of day The creators of Behavior Interactive have just launched three new masks in the game store so that players personalize their favorite survivors. The new masks are for Elvie, Felix and Ace, and all are part of the Rockabilly collection, which was originally launched in March 2021. However, there are no masks in this set for the Killers, so those who prefer that side From the experience you will only have to appreciate these new ones in the game while they expect their own masks to be launched.

【Dead by daylight黎明死線】直播精華~Surprise! 永八MM

Behavior shared the video below this week to reveal the appearances of the three masks. All the masks are classified as “very rare” according to the cosmetic rarity system of the game, and you can buy them in the game store right now if you have the funds to buy them.

About the _porte in the light of day, some context was also shared for each of the cosmetics. You can find all that information below with the video above to compare the descriptions with the appearances of the masks.


“A life dedicated to the collection of rare antiques leads to interesting encounters from time to time. It was not frequent that collectors will invite elodie to bars inspired by the 50s, but one must go where the action is. Sometimes, if she was lucky, there would be even a dress code. “

Felix Richter – Bowling Night

“It was not the choice of him to join the bowling league, but Felix was not willing to defraud his colleagues. And if the return of him to the tracks revealed an innate aptitude for the bowling that he could or had not been hiding for years, then that it is. Time to dust the shirt.

ACE Visconti – Retro Fiesta

“When he found out for the first time of a night of poker with the theme of the 50s, Ace was all-in. Does he grease him in his hair combed back to equalize the greasy profits of him on the river? The perfect combination for a nostalgic scoundrel with money to spend ».

When the Rockabilly collection was launched for the first time, he debuted with masks for Jane, Kate, Nea and Meg. People had their praise and complaints for the masks, but one of the questions about them focused on the fact that they were only for female survivors. Some players felt that the male characters could also have had an impressive rockabilly aspect, so maybe that’s why we got the distribution we did in this new release.

Bevern in the light of day The newer masks are now available to buy in the game.