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Beautiful and cruel search type 2D action “MOONSCARS” announced! All deaths will be lessoned

Humble Games announced a search type 2D action game “ MOONSCARS ” to work with Moldova BLACK MERMAID.

In this work, a craybone warrior, a craybone warrior, a gray illuma battle, will be drawn. In gameplay, all deaths are lessoned and new truths will be revealed each time it gets over difficulties.

# What to shape you

Failure is essential to succeed. Repeat the test and victory cycle and shape itself into a skilled warrior.

# Cruel and beautiful world

In the world of explorable 2D, such as illness and despair, in the world of explorable 2D, looked as a shadow or secret hidden by the moon.

# Trial of your own determination

Polish technology and reflexes in combat with high difficulty action. Cause an enemy with a sword, attack an attack, shake a unique special weapon, and cast powerful magic.

# Starving moon

We will reveal the strange dark fantasy stories that the expansion of surprise and the world view built-in. Pursuing the truth of its own creation and get results.

# Mud, bone, and Ikol

Gray illuma and meat and mud friends are betrayed, suffering, revenge stories and memories, as they seek truth and purpose.

“Moonscars”, who is robbed of beautiful visual and smooth animation, will be released for the summer of 2022 for Windows (STeam).