Are Kraft in Hogwarts Legacy?

The PlayStation appeared a huge amount of information about Hogwarts “Hogwarts”. Hogwarts heritage: the state of the game 17 March 2022. Showcase gave fans the opportunity to take a look at the 15-minute gameplay and look in detail on the world and game mechanics. Not surprisingly, Kraft will be mechanics in this game , with the creation of potions, modernization of equipment and trausy (where players can grow their own materials for crafting) – all this was shown at the event. Kraft is an important part of the magical world, and the potions play a key role in the franchise.

What areas can be investigated in Hogwarts Heritage?

The state of the game gave players the opportunity to look at many areas of the game world with a detailed overview of locations. Inside and outside Hogwarts . Hogsmid , Station Hogsmid and many Village Village were shown in the gameplay trailer, and players will be able to study them all.

This New Game is Gonna be HUGE! (NEW Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay)
Players will be able to use their broom as a rapid vehicle and explore the open world of Hogwarts and its surroundings. If the fans want to see the full demonstration of State of Play, it can be revised on the official PlayStation website. YouTube Channel.

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