Elden Ring video shows spectacular struggle between two of the strongest bosses

At Elden Ring there are many reasons to play over and over. The one discover the gigantic world, others are excited about the style design and the story of the game. But of course, the numerous bosses, against which you need to start, make a great charm. Now a Youtuber has sent two of the strongest in the game against each other in the fight and impressed the result.

ATTENTION SPOILER : In the following news, we mention several bosses from Elden Ring.

Elden ring bosses occur in a fight against each other

The Youtube channel Garden of Eyes has been focusing on mod videos and revelations around Elden Ring for weeks. Now a new series was started in which the bosses of the game compete in several laps against each other. The beginning make StarScourge Radahn and Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

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What to see? In the video, Malenia and Radahn contact each other to find out which boss is stronger. Both fight against each other with their complete attack set, but in the end, Malenia can decide the three rounds for themselves. This is mainly due to your attacks you heal the hit. In addition, Malenia also has a second, stronger level that is applied in a fourth bonus round. In this, she defeats Radahn in less than twenty seconds.

So if you want to compete against Malenia yourself, then you should be well prepared for the fight. It is one of the most interesting but also hardest, optional bosses in the game:

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How did the channel done that? The whole works through special mods created by Garden of Eyes. Through these, the bosses can compete against each other in the PC version and viewed by Spectator mode. Already for other from software games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3 there were similar mods.

That should not have been the last fight for the Elden Ring Bosses. The YouTube channel promises to take more opponents against each other shortly. Which ones will be, but has not been revealed yet.

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* Get the icy Beil early in the game and clears up in Limgrave right

Elden Ring is currently very popular not only in the normal players, but also the Speedrun communities. Therefore feeling felt daily records cracked. The fastest speedrun has arrived at less than 30 minutes at the moment and thus reaches a new milestone.

Which end opponents from Elden Ring would like to fight against each other?