Word Cookies Daily Puzzle – How to Play

If you are looking for a pretty game in a word that is updated daily and gives players the opportunity to play progressive levels, pay attention to Word Cookies! This mobile game gives players the opportunity to have fun in the genre of verbal puzzles.

What are Cookie Word files?

Word Cookies is an interactive puzzle game with words that goes beyond the low-tech style of other games in its genre, such as Wordle. Instead of just give players a minimalist board for work, the game offers players to work on creating a virtual dessert from the connected letters. The game is created by BitMango and is available on Apple and Android mobile devices.

How to Play Word Cookies

The game is quite simple and can be quickly mastered by any player. The player is given a saucepan, full of letters to spend his finger to connect and make a word. By making up a smaller word, you will gradually see and solve the word larger, which you need to solve. For example, you can solve the cake before you realize that the last word is actually pixik. Despite the simplicity of mechanics, the game is complicated as the levels passing.

World's Best Words Puzzle Game: Word Cookies

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