How to hire agent for talents in BitLife

how to get sports special talent in bitlife without god mode!
Being an actor in BitLife can bring you fame and wealth, but you can not always do it al1. Having agent for talents, to become a successful actor in Bitlife is much easier. Fortunately, to acquire one of these career detergents is not so difficult.

appearance, mind and school

If you want to become an actor and then get a talent agent, you first need to have the right to be an actor. To become an actor in BitLife, you need to comply with several rules. Your BitLife Character must have a high percentage of both appearance and intellect. Make sure the lessons of acting skills are approved by your parents in childhood in accordance with mind body tab

You will also need to finish school. Although in BitLife you can become an actor in a younger age, it becomes much more difficult. The best way is to first finish high school (and, perhaps, to do theater in high school). You do not need to go to college to become an actor.

Actual and agent

After your character finishes high school, you will need premium. Package “Actor Career” To get the agent of talents. The package is $ 1.99 dollars players. After you buy it, you can immediately begin acting and get an agent to improve your employment prospects. All this can be done under Special Career Tab .

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