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Nintendo Switch: New edition of a games classic moved – because of Ukraine

The game is already done, but it does not fit in the time: Nintendo has postponed the publication of a new edition for the switch. “Due to the most recent events” fans have to wait longer. The announcement sometimes also encourages criticism.

Nintendo Switch: Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is coming later

Nintendos Europa division has announced at Twitter that Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp for the Nintendo Switch is not published as planned. Actually, the new edition should be made available on 8 April 2022. But now “Due to the latest events in the world” nothing (Source: Nintendo of Europe). Although the rule of attacks of Russia is not explicitly mentioned on Ukraine, but it is likely to be the reason for the delay.

Why Nintendo has determined to this step, could be related to the “Blue Moon” fraction in the game. This is based clearly on Russian armed forces . Since Panzer also play a central role in Advance Wars, Nintendo has probably canceled the market launch at short notice.

When the game will appear, Nintendo has not revealed. You want to keep fans up to date , it says. Already in the original game, Advance Wars, important events of a publication came in the way. Although the game was launched on September 10, 2001 in North America, but in Europe and Japan, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center came late into stores.

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New edition of Advance Wars postponed: fans react different

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In social networks, some fans have reactually responded to Nintendo’s announcement, but others do not. Instead of moving the game, Nintendo would rather give a part of his profits to Ukraine , it sometimes says. Other publishers are criticized, the games with violence in violence despite wars publish.