On Slayers, 5th,

All-in-Slayers had a rivals that have constructed a three-river system such as cervical Kia and DRX, and they were in a single first place.

The five-fifth charged character-based tactical shooting game ‘Balo Rotts’ development and distribution, Riot Games (Korea Representative Ingriements, www.playvalorant.com/ko-kr) is located in Sangam Colosseum located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 2022 Balority Challengers Korea Stage 1 (2022 Valorant Challengers KOREA STAGE 1) Slaughter from the main line said that the Slayers came out alone.

On February 23, the Balo Rotts Challenger Korea Stage 1, which has stopped at the game of Team T5 and WGS X-IT, the main line turned the return point while digging 20 games until March 6. Middle of the disturbance of more than half the schedule, the on-slashes and DRX, etc.,

** ◆ On Slayers,

On the media day, which has been in advance, the Slayers from the mediadee, was considered three rivers, but did not frequently referred to as DRX or vision stracons. The ‘ferry’ Jungumori, who put Nonunton gaming on the top, was appointed as a coach, and F4Q’s ‘semi-bar’ Kim Joon-hyuk, the Japanese team, and the Japanese team, the Japanese team, and the ‘Bach’ Park Joon-ki, the TNL E Sports ‘Tea’ The Slaces, who had made Jin-won, while Lee Seung-won joins, the drugs of the individuals are good, but they were undervalued because they showed breathing in the formal exhibition.

On the first week, the Slayers was classic. In the first game of floor gaming, the Slayers did not allow a round in three sets and achieved a perfect set, but the set scores win two sets of sets. In the confrontation between Hollymori, which was the next game, the on-Slaces, who won two-to-one, was assessed that the teamwork has not yet been fully equipped.

On Slayers began to exhibit my ability in two weeks. The Slaces of the Circle, which is considered to be the 3rd Congress, is the “King” Lee Seung-won’s Kinko and ‘semiba’ Kim Joon-hyuk’s Astra-kilida ‘Kim Joon-hyuk’s Astra, I won.

In the confrontation with DessPerado, the Bachi, who won the Kill Death Gap +10, and the 2nd victory, who won the 2nd victory, and on March 6th, on March 6th, the ex-exhausted DRX, which followed the scales set march. The Slaces from the 1st set in the ‘Icebox’, and the Soba of Park Joon-ki, won 13 to 3, and the two sets of Yuan, and at the 2nd sets in the ‘Bind’, He won the final score 13 to 8.

The Slayers, who followed the former tradition, “Troika” was on top 1 with both Troika and DRX. On Slayers is likely to achieve a tradition unless there is a variable to deal with WGS X-IT in Team T5 and 2 W3F in a third major.

◆ DRX-Circle Kia “2nd place is my”

DRX and Congress, which are writing 4 wins, respectively, respectively, is expected to advance to the 6th round playoffs. DRX showed a river-down facade to win the set score by two sets of all the matches until the on-slashes are set to 1 lias.

Hollymori and Maru Gaming on the first parking of Congia, but the WGS X-IT was wrapped in WGS X-IT, and the team T5 was held at 2 to 0,.

DRX and Congress are open for 12 days. Both teams are likely to be the second-day decision before the last confrontation of the last confrontation of the last confrontation of the last confrontation of the last confrontation of the Hollymori and Desspado in the 10th subordinate.

** ◆ 6-river PO ticket,

Troika, DRX, and Circle Kia, and the central ranking fights are expected to be a final pattern.

WGS X-IT and Maru Gaming are 2 wins, Team T5 and Holly, and Desspirdado, have been writing to the WGS X-IT and Maru Gaming in the situation where they left two games. Because of the six teams among the eight teams, two teams do not run on the playoffs train.

The 3rd week of the second winner WGS X-IT and Maru Gaming are likely to have a team that wins the right to open the right. On the 12th, Holmori and Desparada, which are augusted on W 4, is a situation where the team T5 and Maru Gaming are in the back of the team T5 and flooring.

◆ From PO to ‘intuition’

Slayers Next - Lina VS Gaav (Japanese)

Beginning on March 17th, the Balority Challeners Korea Stage 1 is possible to see on the 27th to the 27th.

The playoffs on-site view tickets can be booked through the ticket link, and the classification is 10,000 won and the field of field of view is 8,000 won. Tickets that you can purchase by one person can be used for four times and then booked and entered with tickets in the field. I do not sell tickets separately in the field. If you are 12 years old or older, you can see the protector when you are less than 12 years old.

Riot Games has provided a variety of field events for the viewers who have found the Balo-Rot Challenger Corporation. Every day, 10 people have a seating number on a half-time, which is the time of global interviews, which is finished, to 10 of the SWAG Kit and the Mouse Challenge, and a hats.

Throughout the fans who were visiting three or more, we also conduct an event that presents the ‘Riot Pist Bump’ firearms through the lottery. You can apply for information that will be paid through the QR code in the field, bringing other tickets to other tickets, and the date of purchase.

Riot Games said, “I could not watch the main game in the field of Corona 19, but I decided to attract the field audience,” he said, “he said,” he said, “” I want to attract field audiences, “he said. I said, “he said.