Dungeon Fighter Online

Super large “domestic” MMORPG “ETERNAL (Eternal)” new dungeon “Yotun ruins” new item that can be used by the mounting boss skill comes out-“2 times a day free gacha” that can be challenged every day ~

Asobimo Co., Ltd. is a new dungeon “Yotun ruins” in the ruins of snow countries, a new dungeon “ETERNAL” (Eternal) (smartphone PC version) (smartphone PC version), as a multi-platform company. (Tuesday) I knew it was implemented.

With this dungeon implementation, a new item “Skill Gem” that can use the skirms of the boss appeared. You can also earn new equipment and its production recipes.

In addition, “free 2 times a day” can be challenged every morning and afternoon. You can get an Avatar Gacha “Gacha-use ticket [costume]” and items to help adventure.

In addition, experience value, Zenny (in-game currency), and the amount of material needed for production is the day change event “Bonus! Daily dungeon” appeared. People who just started the game can also earn a lot of experience and Zennee, so you can foster characters efficiently.

# GET new item that can be used by the new item of the boss! New dungeon “Yotun ruins” appeared

“Yotun ruins” is a new dungeon set in the ruins of the snowy country, which is said to have built a dwarf ancestry. Powerful enemies are waiting for the dungeon path.

With the implementation of this dungeon, a new item “Skill Gem” that allows you to use the boss skills. Dungeon drops from the boss “final defense system”. In addition, if you defeat Enemy in the dungeon road, you can earn a high rarity (epic) new equipment (Epic) new equipment and its production recipe, and powerful status enhancement items “Gem”.

“Yotun ruins”
Underground of Yotun ice lake called the largest ice lake in the Gilvania region
This ruins who were forgotten are now not depressed at dwarves
It is consisted of dangerous demon caves.
However, around this time, it is said that a tongue who aimed at rare products in the ruins is coming in.
Therefore, it seems that the flock of demons that surrounded the mood is flowing out to the outside of the ruins.
Although it is a robust ruins that the dwarf’s ancestors built in the old age, it is not anti-
A collapse is getting up in a row.

“New item” Skill Gem “”

▲ When worn by the new item “Skill Gem”,
Characters can use boss skills

“New equipment”

ジ ジ ジ ジ シ ス シ ス シ ス シ ス シ ス テ ム ジ ャ ジ ョ ン ジ ョ ン ジ ョ ン ジ ョ ン ジ ョ ン ジ ジ ジ ジ ジ ジ ジ ジ ジ ャ ジ ャ ジ ャ ジ ャ

# # “Free 2 times a day” can be challenged every morning and afternoon!

“Free twice a day” is a free gacha that he can challenge one day (0:00 to 11:59) and afternoon (12:00 to 23:59) every day. You can get an item that helps adventure, such as “Gacha-use ticket [costume]”, which allows you to make an avatar gacha, and the item “God God’s protection”.

[Holding period] March 8, 2012 (Tuesday) ~

Earned amount is twice! Daily event “Bonus! Daily dungeon” appeared

Daily event “Bonus! Daily Dungeon” has newly appeared. When you try to “Daily Dungeon” for a particular countries, he won his two times the experienced values ​​and Zenny (in-game currency), equipment and tools needed to produce the character’s level up I can do it.

[Holding period] March 8, 2012 (Tuesday) ~

# Game introduction

“Eternal (Eternal)” is a super large “domestic” MMORPG that Top Creators representing Japan to the character / monster design, Mr. Tatsumi, the theme song, Luna Sea, and the top creators representing Japan. A voice of the character that appears in the story, Ishigawa, Ishikawa World-made, and the popular voice actor. You can enjoy adventures in a vast world, depicting with beautiful 3D graphics.

Download URL Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = com.asobimo.eternalofficial App Store: https: //apps.apple.com/app/id1482747031 epic games: https://www.epicgames.com/P/eternal-D70F99 Windows: https://www.asobimo.com/games/dl/ PS STORE: https://store.playstation.com/en-JP/ Product / JP0096-PPSA02906_00-6032342882061983

Game Overview Title: Eternal (Eternal) Genre: Super large “domestic” MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free OS: Android / iOS / PC / PS5® / PS4® Official Site: https://www.p-eternal.jp / Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/eternal_asb