Elex 2: First update for download

ELEX 2 has received the first patch. How piranha bytes tells steam is the update for the PC version of the new role-playing game is available for download. Also, the patch notes are already available: In the foreground are improvements for the technical side of ELEX 2. So the makers go to some graphics cards with a VEGA chipset, among other things. In addition, the correction of individual problems regarding image tearing (screen tearing) and a reduction in mesh size. The size of the mesh cache is raised.

First update for ELEX 2

The first ELEX 2 patch also goes a problem with the mesh cache that could be fragmented with time. A bugfix for controller support is also in the update. The updating of non-detailed smaller troubleshooting is rounded off. By the way, an update was also published on PS4 and PlayStation 5 : the console patch is dedicated to priority problems around a picture of images. “Further information on other platforms come in the future,” the developers write in the patch notes to the first update for ELEX 2.

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Elex 2 in the test: usual food

How well the role-playing game has become, you read in our test to Elex 2. The RPG has “All the strengths that you know from the role games of Essen and it puts them very well in places”. Our editor Carlo supplements: “At the same time, however, it also makes all the mistakes that you have been doing for years. Whoever has hoped for the hearty Ruhrpottschnitzel again, will have fun. Who hopes, however, that the recipe is finally It has improved, the same is disappointed. “

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