“Rimworld” is suspended in Australia. It is rumored to be a rating with a console version, but the STEAM version wound was banned

The PC (STEAM) version of SF colony management sim “ RIMWORD ” seems to have been suspended in Australia. Australian rating agencies Australian Classification caused RC (refused classification, refusal refusal). Currently, the relevant page of the rating is in a state of viewing. Although it is estimated that there was an aim of the console version of the rating, it is guessed that there was an aim of expanding console, but conversely, it is no longer possible to launch the STEAM version.

“Rimworld” is a colony management simulation game, which is a unlimited planet. The player operates a non-worn container and challenges survival. Pick up a spacecraft fragment or resources, create a living base. Various random events occur, such as food shortages, disasters, diseases and aggression, and threaten the lives of the settlers. STeam is a great popularity game where more than 10,000 people play by constant.

This work has won approximately 270,000 Canad dollars in Kickstarter in November 2013, and early access delivery for KickStarter Campaign Investors has been promoted. In addition to 2013, Australia also started early access delivery from STeam in July 2016. We have a formal release in 2018.

It is presumed that the console version of the same work will be released as a cause that “Rimworld” will suddenly receive rating. According to foreign media Kotaku, it is said that the name of Publisher Double Eleven was aligned with Ludeon Studios, which is the source development source, as a target of rating. Double Eleven is known to work on console version transplantation and sales of “Rust”.

At the moment, although the corresponding page of the rating can not be browsed, foreign media such as Kotaku and pcGamer, which are previously described, publish the excerpt statement. According to the examination content, “Rimworld” describes, reproduces or treats events such as sex, drug abuse, poisoning, crime, cruelty, violence, disgust, and separately accepted adults Judgment that it contributes to the standards of morals, quality and courtesy. It is said that the view to not be classified. Although it is deformed, there is also an element such as a cruel expression or drug with bloody and defects, and it seems likely that it was likely to be scolded by the examination.

Regarding this case, LudEon Studios, developed by developed, announced a statement at STeam. In the Australian area, since the STEAM key itself in this work is invalidated, it is not possible to register the game in STeam even if you purchase the same work from the official website of “Rimworld”. In addition, it is impossible to give “Rimworld” to users in Australia from users outside Australia. On the other hand, for users who have already obtained “Rimworld”, this disposal will continue to play without affecting the user,

As a studio, it seems that this rating was not unexpected to affect STEAM sales outage. For example, there was a past example. In March 2021, “DISCO ELYSIUM: The Final CUT” was identified in Australia as well, and RC (examination rejection) was evaluated. At that time, although the console version of the same work became impossible for sale in Australia, STEAM version sales were continued (at the time of “DISCO ELYSIUM: THE FINAL CUT” rating R (RESTRICTED, adult Latestated). As LudEon Studios, “Rimworld” was expected to continue STEAM version sales, but as a result, it has reached a report of cancellation of sales. Why is it unknown if it was followed by this work only.

Ludeon Studios apologizes to users who are complaining in this case. Currently, it solves the problem and is working to be able to deliver “Rimworld” to Australian users. However, what time takes time, it is said that the outlook will not stand out.

The title “Hotline MIAMI 2: Wrong Number” and the like are mentioned as a title that has reached the rating RC in Australia so far. On the other hand, several works that can be obtained in the country while making an RC determination continue. Violence FPS “Postal 2”, Horror Cooperation Adventure “Phantasmagoria”, Belt Scroll Goa Action “Mother Russia Bleeds”, Adult ADV “Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude”, etc. Steam, even while RC is rating PcGamer conveyed to Australia via. Among the rcs, even if STEAM sales are tightened and not the case where it is not, it remains unclear yet.

By the way, Japan’s title also received RC judgment as well as “Rimworld” received an RC rating. The shooting game “Death Miles I II” developed by Developer Cave in Japan is regulated in the depiction of “children under 18 or the person who can see it”, and is considered RC.

Backgrounds that “Rimworld” tried to get rating may have had a look at the console version. However, conversely, the examination body has pointed out the intimidation of the content, and the STEAM version of the STEAM version has been suspended. Development source is also being able to eat the development source. “Rimworld” is sold for 3600 yen at STeam. From Japan, it can be purchased as usual.